RUMOR: Preparations Underway for New Magic Kingdom Area Hotels

//RUMOR: Preparations Underway for New Magic Kingdom Area Hotels

RUMOR: Preparations Underway for New Magic Kingdom Area Hotels

A permit filed yesterday with the South Florida Water Management District reveals that Disney is seeking to create a 30-acre site for the “temporary stockpiling of earthwork” near the Magic Kingdom area for an as-yet-undisclosed project. The site is referred to in documents as the “STOLPort Site” presumably because it is located adjacent to the old STOLPort that was built in the 1970s parallel to World Drive north of the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza.

Back in 2016, we told you about rumors for a second DVC tower in the plans at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. When the Bay Lake Tower was under construction, Disney used much of the STOLPort’s paved areas for staging materials for the project and also for personnel trailers; so it certainly is possible that a site adjacent to the STOLPort could be used for stockpiling material to support construction anywhere around the Magic Kingdom area.

There’s also the possibility of the “Volcano Hotel” we reported in 2017, which would be located either to the north of the TTC on the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon, or directly adjacent to the Magic Kingdom behind Adventureland.

And the third possibility is for something related to the work at the River Country site we told you about a few months ago.

This site would be used for “stockpiling of earthwork” which might be necessary for regrading the land before and after a hotel is built.

Here’s a larger picture to add more context to the location of this “STOLPort Site.”

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