Asia General Facts

1998 is when parts of Asia debuted

4 attractions can be found in Asia

3 entertainment and show can be found in Asia

5 dinning location can be found in Asia

3 shopping location can be found in Asia

120 artists worked more than 5 months to create the 4 murals that honor the former rulers of the mystical land of Anandapur.

Expedition Everest

2006 is the year that Expedition Everest debuted

5 trains (Steam Donkey” can theoretically run simultaneously, but it will most likely run 4 on a regular basis.

34 passengers per train, as they are commonly referred to as the “Steam Donkey” at Expedition Everest.

6 cars are on every train; the "engine"

3 minutes is the total ride time

1 mile of track is used on Expedition Everest

6.4 acres of land were used for Expedition Everest

3 years of construction were need to create the largest “mountain” at WDW Expedition Everest

80 foot drop is at Expedition Everest, hang on tight

1,800 tons of steel was used to create Expedition Everest mountain structure.  That is 6 times the amount used to create an office building of the same size.

5,000 tons of steel were used to create the structure and track of Expedition Everest

18.7 million pounds of concrete were used to create Expedition Everest

2,000 gallons of stain and paint were used create Expedition Everest

218,000 square feet of rock were used in the creation of Expedition Everest

260,000 pounds of thrust force are built into the Yeti, more then a 747 airplane

8,000 authentic props were imported from Asia are used in the queue of Expedition Everest

1 acre and then some of concrete 23 feet thick was used to create Expedition Everest Mountain.

5 acres of themed rock was carved to make Expedition Everest Mountain come to life.

900 Bamboo plants were used to create the lowlands near Mount Everest

10 species of trees were used to create the lowlands near Mount Everest

110 species of scrubs were used to create the lowlands near Mount Everest

2,000 props in the queue at Expedition Everest are all hand crafted from wood, stone, and metal to give it an eastern flair

200 feet tall is Expedition Everest, it is the tallest "mountain" in Florida and one of 18 mountains created by Disney Imagineers.

$100 million is the construction cost of Expedition Everest.

120 feet high, include an 80-foot drop, which is the new Mountain they call Expedition Everest.

50 mph is how fast you will travel on Expedition Everest

3,000 pre-fabricated "chips" created from 25,000 individually computer-molded pieces of steel were used to craft the “Everest Mountain”

2,000 gallons of stain and paint were used on the rockwork and throughout the village. The color scheme has ritual meaning to the Himalayan culture.

2,000 handcrafted items from Asia are evident in the props, cabinetry and architectural ornamentation of Expatiation Everest.

320 feet above sea level would make Everest the fourth highest point in Florida if it were a real mountain.

19 different functions are built into the Yeti

5 feet is how far the Yeti can move in and out on the boom that is attached to his back

18 inches is how much the Yeti can move up and down on his boom

20 seconds is the total time needed to recharge the Yeti hydraulic system

6,000 pounds of fur were used to make the Yeti outer fur

1,000 square feet of fur makes up the outer skin of the Yeti

1,000 snaps are used to keep the Yeti fur on him

250 zippers are also used to keep the yeti fur on him

24 models were create of Expedition Everest before the final design was approved

6 inches is all that separates the track from the structure of Expedition Everest

3,397 prefabricated rockwork chips make of the “skin” of Expedition Everest

27,000 individual computer bent pieces of rebar were used to construct Expedition Everest

32,000 bags of concrete were used to create the rockwork at Expedition Everest

Kali River Rapids

1999 is when Kali River Rapids Debuted

25 foot drop on Kali River Rapids will make sure you done leave dry.

7 pumps are used on Kali River Rapids to pump all the water for this attraction.

26,000 gallons of water are pumped each minute by the 7 pumps at Kali River Rapids.

12 rafts are used at Kali River rapids

20 to 12 guests can ride in each raft

20 foot drop can be found on Kali River rapids

4:30 minutes ride length is what makes up the Kali River Rapids

150,000 gallons of water flow are produced by the 7 Kali River Rapid pumps.

2800 guests can ride Kali River Rapids each hour.

5000 props were used in the Kali River Rapids area

90 feet is the height of the incline at the beginning of Kali River Rapids

1st attraction ever to have the feature FASTPASS tickets was at Kali River Rapids 

Maharaji Jungle Trek

1998 is when Maharaji Jungle Trek debuted

7 viewing area are at the Maharajah Jungle Trek

6 tigers are at the Maharajah Jungle Trek

18 to 20 hours a day the tigers at the Maharajah Jungle Trek are sleeping

70 degrees is the temperature of the tiger pool and includes fish for the tiger to eat

Flights of Wonder

1998 is the year that Flights of Wonder debuted

25 minutes is the length of the Flights of Wonder show

1,150 guests can sit in the Flights of Wonder Theater