Shades of Green

1996 is when Shades of Green debuted

586 rooms are at Shades of Green, which is now leased to the Department of Defense and is used by the active and retired service men and women as well as DOD employees.

455 square feet is the size of a room

2 swimming pools can be found at Shades of Green

2 arcades can be found at the Shades of Green

2 tennis courts are located at the Shades of Green

1,000 square feet of meeting space is located at Shades of Green

3 restaurants are located at Shades of Green

2004 was the last time this resort was expanded

1 Universal Studio logo is engraved and is located on a brick here on the walkway, it is also the only Universal logo you will find on WDW property

29.31 acres is used for Shades of Green

15-24-27-0000-00-004 is the parcel ID

$7,920,000.00 is the land value of the Shades of Green

$23,396,431.00 is the building value

$0 is what they paid in taxes, the property is tax exempt