Rafiki's Planet Watch General Facts

1998 is when Rafiki's Planet Watch debuted as Conservation Station

3 attractions can be found at Rafiki's Planet Watch

3 entertainment and shows can be found at Rafiki's Planet Watch

0 dining is located at Rafiki's Planet Watch

1 shops are found at Rafiki's Planet Watch

Conservation Station

1998 is when the Conversation Station debuted

49 species are on exhibit here at the Conservation Station

Wildlife Express

1.2 miles is the length of the Wildlife Express train route

10 miles per hour is the top speed of the trains

50 guests can be seated in each car

5 trains are operational 

2.2feet wide is the width of the Wildlife Express track

1 minute trip to Rafiki’s Planet watch

5 minutes is the total roundtrip time

2-4-2 is the wheel configuration of the locomotives

1997 was the year the trains were built