Adventureland General Facts

4 attractions are in Adventureland

1 Entertainment or show is Adventureland

2 Dinning locations are in Adventureland

4 shopping locations are in Adventureland

2,800 square feet is the size of Bazaar that sells Adventureland souvenirs

7 Explorer boats were operational in 1955

Enchanted Tiki Room

1963 is when the Enchanted Tiki Room debuted

230 guests can be seated in the Enchanted Tiki Room

17 minutes is the length of the Enchanted Tiki Room

225 Audio-Animatronic performers, including birds, flowers, Tiki drummers and Tiki gods are in the Enchanted Tiki Room.

4 parrots host the show and they are Jose, Fritz, Michael, and Pierre.

1964 to 1973 United Airlines sponsored the attraction, not Dole.

8 gods are in the courtyard and they are, Maiu, Koro, Tongaroa-Ru, Hina Kaluna, Negendei, Rongo, Tongaroa, and Pele.

2005 the Tiki Room received refurbishment for it’s 50th anniversary.

Indiana Jones Adventure

1995 is when Indiana Jones Adventure debuted

17 transports operate at Indiana Jones Adventure.

15 transports may be in use at one time, with 1 spare, and 1 transport being refurbished.

12 passenger "jeeps" are moving motion simulators capable of a myriad of different movements, and every ride is unique as the vehicle bounces, stutters, stops, and races through the temples of The Indiana Jones Adventure.

12 guests can ride in each transport seating in 3 rows of 4.

2,400 guests can move through Indiana Jones Adventure in a hour.

3:15 minutes in length is the ride at The Indiana Jones Adventure.

400 Imagineers worked on the design and construction, including a core team of nearly 100 for the attraction Indiana Jones Adventure.

1,300 props, including the actual troop transport (located in the base camp of the exterior queue) from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark are found at Indiana Jones Adventure.

2,000 replicated human skulls can be located at the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Indiana Jones Adventure.

2,129 sculpted, carved, painted or living representations of snakes are waiting for you at the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction.

600 strobes simulate lighting inside the Tunnel of Torment at Indiana Jones Adventure.

50 feet high is The Cavern of Bubbling Death and Mara's power can cause nearly 60 pounds of rubble to tumble every 18 seconds in the Indiana Jones Adventure.

16 feet in diameter is the Rolling Boulder in the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction's finale.

1,995 skulls are used in the attraction representing the year it debuted

57,400 square feet is the size of the show building

2,500 feet is the length of the track at Indiana Jones Adventure

1,500 feet is the length of the queue at Indiana Jones Adventure

1993 is when the construction began on Indiana Jones Adventure

Jungle Cruise

1955 is when Jungle cruise Debuted

8 boats can run simultaneously at the Jungle Cruise, a 9th boat can also be added if needed.

1 wheelchair list boat also can be put into service

32 guests can ride each boat at the Jungle Cruise

1,800 guests can ride each hour on the Jungle Cruise

8:30 minute tour of the rivers of the world, which include; the Mekong in Cambodia, the Nile in Egypt, the Congo in Africa, and the Amazon in South America are all part of the Jungle Cruise.

1962 is when the elephant bathing pool was added

1964 is when the safari camp was added to the Jungle Cruise

2002 is when the guns that the skippers used where removed, and not with out controversy.

2004 is when the guns returned back to the Jungle Cruise

217,800 square feet of land was used for the Jungle cruise attraction

7 new scenes added to the Jungle Cruise including 31 new audio-animatronics animals in 1976

Tarzan's Treehouse

1999 is when Tarzan’s Treehouse debuted

60 feet off the ground is Tarzan's Tree house so there's also a nice view of Disneyland from there.


Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis

1998 is when Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis debuted

20 minutes is the length of the Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis show

200 guests can be seated at Aladdin & Jasmine's Story Tale Adventures Theater.

2008 is when Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis closed