Discovery Island

1998 is when Discovery Island Debuted
4 attractions are at Discovery Island

6 entertainment and shows can be found at Discovery Island

3 dinning location are on Discovery Island

2 shopping locations are at Discovery Island

Tree of Life

12 Imagineers were used create the Tree of Life

13 artists worked on The Tree of Life

1.5 years were used to create all the animals on the tree of Life.

325 carved animals are on the Tree of Life.

1,500 hand-painted wooden animal carvings (each just less than three feet long) can be found throughout Safari Village. Native craftsmen on the island of Bali carved the animals. 

12 main branches are on the Tree of Life.

5 shades of green were used to color the leaves on the Tree of Life

45 secondary limbs are on the tree of Life.

756 branches. They in turn lead to 7,891 smaller branches containing 103,000 foot-long leaves all on the Tree of Life!

8,692 branches are on the Tree of Life, from the largest to the smallest twig

103,000 leaves were placed on the tree by hand

14 stories high, it stretches over 165 feet at the widest point and has a trunk that 50 feet in diameter, Now that is a tree, well the Tree of Life.

324 images are on the Tree of Life. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, was invited by Disney to visit the Animal Kingdom. She was very impressed but noted that there were no chimpanzees on the tree! Imagineers went to work and not only added a chimp, they added Goodall's favorite, David Graybeard.

19.4 is the number of miles the leaves on the tree would stretch if laid end to end

145 feet is how tall the tree of life towers

145 is also the wind speed that the tree of life can withstand

1 is the average number of animals a artist could carve in a day

50 feet wide at the middle if the tree is the width of the Tree of Life

170 feet wide is the width of the Tree of Life at the base

Discovery Island Trails

1998 is when Discovery Island Trails debuted

27 million gallons of water are in Discovery River, that's an amount equal to 1,800 average-sized backyard swimming pools.

2 trails are located at Discovery Island

9 viewing area are located here

15 species of animals are located along the trails

It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

1999 is the year It’s Tough to Be a Bug debuted

450 guests can be seated in the It’s Tough To Be Bug theater.

8 minutes is the length of It’s Tough to Be a Bug 

40 fans are used in It’s Tough To Be Bug for special effects.

50 different experimental orders were tested for the smell of the stink bug was approved for the show It’s Tough To Be Bug

70,000 "perfume" pellets are needed to make the "stink bug" effect in "It's Tough To Be A Bug

74 functions are built into Hopper in It’s Tough To Be Bug, making him one of the most complex Audio-Animatronic.

2 technicians work 8 hours each night on Hopper to keep him operating properly each show.

430 guests can sit on the theatre of It’s Tough to be a Bug.

1999 is the year Its Tough to Be a Bug won Outstanding Attraction award from the Themed Entertainment Association