Fantasyland General Facts

12 attractions are in Fantasyland

4 shows and entertainment are in Fantasyland

2 dinning locations are in Fantasyland

7 shopping locations are in Fantasyland

8 boats were operational for the Canal Boats of the World in 1955

400 guests could sit in the Mickey Mouse Theater in 1955

Alice in Wonderland

1958 is when Alice in Wonderland debuted

4 adults in 2 rows can be seated on Alice in Wonderland

3 minutes is the ride length of Alice in Wonderland

6 color patterns can be found on the caterpillars at Alice in Wonderland attraction and they are: all green, green/blue-green, all pink, pink/purple, all yellow, and yellow/orange.

Casey Jr. Circus
1955 is when Casey Jr. Train debuted

3 minute and 30 second is the ride time at Casey Jr. Train

7 train cars are used at Casey Jr. Circus

2 train cars were used at Casey Jr. Circus in 1955

1 lift is at Casey Jr. Circus train ride
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

955 is when Dumbo the Flying Elephant debuted

1minute and 30 seconds is your total flying time on Dumbo

600 guests can ride per hour on Dumbo

16 Dumbo’s to choose from, wearing a variety of different colored hats and blankets and the ride is short no more then 1 ½ minute.

10 ride units were on the original Dumbo ride until it was refurbished in 1990

16,000 dollars is the rumor that one of the original ride vehicles sold for at auction

it's a small world

289 dolls made up It’s a Small World attraction when it started in 1971 which represented 5 continents and singing in 5 languages (English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish).

22 different languages are used to say the word “Goodbye” is written on the wall as you exit from It's a small world

1971 is when It’s a Small World debuted but it was refurbished in 2005

289 Audio-Animatronic children are in the attraction It's a small world.

553 Audio-Animatronics figures are actually in the attraction, which include not only the kids, but the animals as well

1964-5 New York World’s Fair is when Walt Disney created the attraction It’s a Small World’s attraction.

6 distinct rooms are in it’s a Small World, they include: The first room is the loading/unloading area. It is followed by the European room, the Far East room, the African room, the islands of the Pacific room, and the final, "white room" celebrating children of all cultures.

1,085-foot canal for 10 1/2 minutes, in It’s a Small World attraction.

2,296 garments are wore by the dolls in It’s a Small World

4 types are Americans are represented in It’s a Small World and they are cowboy. Hawaiian, Inuit, Native American

30 boats can run simultaneously at it’s a Small World

20 guests per boat, though that would be unusually crowded

11 minutes is the ride of it’s a Small World

500,000 gallons of water are used in this attraction

250 toys are in the attraction it’s a Small World

36 animated props are in the It’s a Small World

256 million guests have seen it’s a Small World since 1966

300 audio-animatronics are in it’s a Small World

80 animated props are in it’s a Small World

29 Pixar characters were added in 2009 to it’s a Small World

7 new dolls were added to the spirt of America scene

3 North American children were added to the spirt of America scene

1 cowboy were added to the spirt of America scene

3 native America were added to the spirt of America scene

3 Pixar were added to the spirt of America scene, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye

it's a small world holiday

20 employees work for 17 days, 10 to 12 hours a day to add the holiday decorations to this attraction.

50,000 lights are added to the facade in 6 colors, as well as 2,000 clear flashers.

350,000 watts of light are produced by the 50,000 lights

150,000 mini lights go on the trees, hedges and topiaries nearby it’s a small world attraction.

60,000 cable ties, 3,000 connectors, 25,000 feet of extension cords and 18,000 feet of electrical tape are used to complete the it’s a small world holiday decorations

25,000 miles were traveled just to collect fabrics from all over the world to create the “doll” costumes

King Arthur Carrousel

1955 is when King Arthur Carrousel

100 guests can ride that is including all the standing parents

1,200 guests can ride per hour

2 minutes is the ride length at King Arthur Carrousel

72 horses were originally on the carousel

1976 all the horses were painted white since that was the most popular color horse

68 unique horses and 4 stationary "chariot" benches are on King Arthur's Carrousel.

2 years every King Arthur's Carrousel horse is completed repainted.

2008 the lead horse on the carrousel, "Jingles," was dedicated to Disney Legend Julie Andrews in a morning ceremony. In preparation for the dedication, Jingles was decorated with elements appropriate to Andrews' Disney career.

$22,000 was spent originally for the derelict merry-go-round that became King Arthur Carrousel.

5 of all Disneyland visitors takes a spin on this timeless attraction

2 million riders will climb onto the steeds this year (2009)

40 hours of maintenance are needed to complete the Restoration of a King Arthur Carrousel horse

10% of the horses are stripped to bare wood each year

30 colors are used to paint the horses, no 2 of which are alike.

1 in 5 Disneyland park visitors take a spin on King Arthur Carrousel

Mad Tea Party

1955 is when the Mad Tea Party debuted

1 minute and 30 seconds is the total ride time in your Tea Cup

8 cups were on the 1955 version of the Mad Tea Party

18 teacups are on the Mad Tea Party and each one spin on 3 different revolving "platters".  Each platter spins at a different speed, and the individual cups also have varying maximum numbers of revolutions. The orange diamond cup is regarded as the fastest spinner, followed by the purple cup. The two heart cups are the slowest.

3 average sized guests can fit easily on the Mad Tea Party. There are no restraints, but there is a door that closes the teacup and the ride is 1 1/2 minutes long.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

1959 is when the Matterhorn Bobsleds debuted

3 trains can be on the track at the same time

2 different tracks are at the Matterhorn Bobsleds

1 track is 100 feet longer than the other, try figure out which one.

2 ride units make up each train.

8 guests can ride each train

1,500 guests can ride per hour

261 million Disneyland guests have ridden the bobsleds at the Matterhorn since 1959 (as of 2011)

2 different queues can be found at the Matterhorn Bobsleds 1 that begins on the Fantasyland side of the mountain, and 1 on the Tomorrowland side.

2:15 minutes long is the approximate ride length of the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

147 feet high is the top of the Matterhorn Mountain

1/100th scale of the original Matterhorn is the size of Disneyland's Matterhorn, the original Matterhorn is 14,700 feet tall

147 feet tall, the Matterhorn has been the highest point in the Disneyland park since 1959 and a landmark for vacationers who can spot it from the freeway.  It was outdone in 2004 when The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opened in Disney’s California Adventure park.  The Tower of Terror is 183 feet tall.

1971-1972 is the time when the Matterhorn Bobsleds was listed in park guides as a Tomorrowland attraction; at some point in that period it began to be listed as a Fantasyland attraction.

2,175 individual steel girders make up the Matterhorn Mountain, and none are the same length

27 1950 era homes could be built with all the lumber that was used to build Matterhorn

500 tons of steel and concrete were used to construct the Matterhorn

1.5 million was the construction cost, and by 1959 standards that was expensive

40 different climbing routes can be found at the staging area of the Matterhorn

15 of the 40 climbing routes are considered “classic climbs”

50 tandem bobsleds were built in 1978, some from scratch and others from existing vehicles

27 MPH is the speed your bobsled will travel on the Matterhorn

100’s of full-size wooden shapes, no 2 alike, which were assembled around a steel framework to create the mountain’s shape, then covered with cement.  Disneyland horticulturists were also challenged to create an artificial “timberline.”  To this day, members of the Disneyland Resort horticulture team must use cranes to maintain the mountain’s landscaping.

1978 when the yeti/abominable snowman took up residence inside the Matterhorn

1 elevator is located in the Matterhorn Attraction

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

1955 is when Mr. Toad's Wild Ride debuted

2 adults can sit in each ride unit

2 minutes is the length of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

8 ride vehicles were operational in 1955

Peter Pan's Flight

1955 is when Peter Pan’s Flight debuted

2 minutes is your total flight time on Peter Pan’s Flight

4 guests (2 adults and 2 children), or up to 3 adults can sit on a single seat of Peter Pan’s Flight.

7 galleons were operational in 1955

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

1983 is when Pinocchio's Daring Journey debuted

4 adults can ride in each ride unit

3 minutes is this total ride length

Snow White's Scary Adventure

1955 is when Snow White's Scary Adventure debuted

4 adults can sit in each ride unit

2 rows are in each of the mine car vehicles of Snow White's Scary Adventures, which will seat up to 4 adults. Each unit bears the name of one of the 7 dwarfs: Doc,

Dopey, Bashful, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, or Grumpy.

2 minutes is the ride length on Snow White's Scary Adventure

8 ride vehicles were operational in 1955

Storybook Land Canal Boats

1955 is when Storybook Land canal Boats debuted

13 boats are used and all are named after Disney Characters

15 guests car ride in each boat

5 minutes is the length of your boat ride

2 Disneyland park attractions have a live host that rides with you and narrates the attraction 1 is the Storybook Land Canal Boats and the other is the Jungle Cruise.