Main Street USA

6 dinning locations are on Main Street

10 shopping locations are on Main Street

16,742 square feet of retail space stocked with just about anything imaginable in Disney gifts, clothes and souvenirs can be found in the Emporium on Main Street.

71 is the number on the Fire House on Main Street, to signify the year the park opened.

4 building really exist on Main Street, but have been designed to look like many shops and stores.

7/8 size is how they make Main Street look larger then it real is, they call this forced perspective.

$17 for adult and $14 for children (under 12) haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop, in case you need to be neat and pretty for Mickey Mouse.

51 facades on main street use Cape Cod-style clapboard and gingerbread trim

850 foot long main street rises about 6 feet from the train station to the castle

2 attractions are on Main Street, The Main Street Vehicles and Walt Disney World Railroad

1915 is used on all the Main Street Vehicles, that was the 1st year Florida started to use license plates.

182 pumpkins are used to decorate Main Street they range from Disney Characters to symbols of the stores they sit upon

1,026,208 songs sung by the Dapper Dans, 4 notes at a time since they started singing in 1971

100 song list is kept by the Dapper Dans, and you can request any song in the list for them to sing.

50 references to Mickey Mouse appear in the Town Square Theater