Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

1994 was the year Honey, I Shrunk the Audience debuted.

570 guests can sit in the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience Theater.

13 minutes was the length of the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience show

05-09-2010 is when this attraction closed

Captain EO

1986 is when Captain EO Debuted

1994 is when Captain EO was retired

500 guests can view Captain EO

17 minutes and $17 million in costs, the “Captain EO” attraction starring Michael Jackson, Produced by George Lucas, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola set a record in the 1980’s as minute for minute the most expensive Hollywood film.


1981 is when construction began on Horizons

1983 is when Horizons debuted

1994 is when Horizons became seasonal

1999 is when Horizons was retired

2000 is when Horizons was demolished

174 vehicles were used

2,784 is the total riders per hour

15 minutes was the show length

1,346 was the track length

$60,000,000.00 was the construction costs of horizons

136,835 was the building square footage

37,000 was the land square footage

2,660 guest could ride thought Horizons (Closed in 1999) per hour.

14.35 were the show length at Horizons (Closed in 1999).

17 show sets were used at Horizons

7 murals were here at Horizons

54 Audio-Animatronic figures were used

35 animated props were used in this attraction

110 lighting effects were used in this attraction

583 static props were used in the Horizons attraction

456 foliage plants were at the Horizon attraction

14 film proctors were used in the Horizons attraction

36 screens were also need for all the proctors used

Wonders of Life

76 foot tall tower in front of Wonders of Life represents the double helix structure of DNA.

$100,000,000 was the cost of building Wonders of Life back in October 19, 1989.

5 Billion times the size of actual human DNA is the tower outside the Wonders of life

100,000 square is the size of the show building

25 tons would be the weight of the Double Helix

250 feet wide is the size of the pavilions golden geodesic dome, making it 40% wider than SpaceShip Earth

2007 was the last year the pavilion operated

26 tons is the weight of the simulators used in Body Wars

Living Seas

1996 is when the Living Seas debuted

2005 is when the Living Seas was retired

7 minutes was the show length

4 minutes was the ride length

414 was the show area maximum guest capcity

4 hydrolators are used as the ride vehicles at the Living Seas

3 minutes hydrolators is the length of the ride at the Living Seas

5.7 million gallons of water fill the tank at the Living Seas.  The aquarium is 200 feet in diameter, which is larger than Spaceship Earth.

9,000 pound panels are how much the “viewing” panels that are 8 FT x 24 Ft and 60 to 8 inches thick for Living Seas

Extinct Attraction of Mexico

1,656 guests per hour could ride the El Rio Del Tiempo.

16 guests could be seated in each boat of the El Rio Del Tiempo.

8 minutes and four seconds ride was the show length of El Rio Del Tiempo


1988 is when Maelstrom debuted.

2014 is when Maelstrom closed

16 people per Viking ship at Maelstrom.

192 guests can ride at 1 time.

1,920 guests can ride Maelstrom in Norway per hour.

15 minutes show length is Maelstrom.

964 is the track length of Maelstrom