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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

2004 is when The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror debuted

3 elevator shafts are used

2 elevators are in each shaft

6 ride vehicles are used

21 guests can ride each elevator

4 minutes of terror can be found at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

183 feet tall is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

900 tons of steel were used to construct The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

1,600 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

50,000 square feet of exterior plaster were used at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

2 miles of HV DC power cable were used in the building of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

2 glass display cases just outside the Library contain props that reference 2 “Twilight Zone” episodes which are Gold thimble and Broken stopwatch.

20 songs can be heard inside The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror lobby

Luigi’s Flying Tires

2012 is when Luigi’s Flying Tires debuted

6,714 – Air vents keeping the tires flying at Luigi’s Flying Tires attraction in Cars Land

21 Flying Tires are used at this attraction

9-foot diameter is the size of your floating tire

1.86 million cubic feet of air is generated per minute to keep your tire floating

2 adults and 1 child, or 1 adult and 2 children can ride Luigi’s Flying Tires

8,000-square-foot is the total size you”fly” around at Luigi’s Italian garden and tire storage yard

6,714 air vents are needed to keep the tires floating ever so slightly above the ground and they are approximately two inches apart

Block Party Bash Parade

2005 is when this shoe debuted

2008 is when this show closed

1 performance was dome per day

60 dancers are in the parade

16 acrobats are in the parade

12 pairs of jumping stilts are in the parade

30 electric scooters are in the parade

26 of the popular Pixar characters appear, including Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, and Little Bo Peep from Toy Story, Mike, Sulley, and Boo from Monsters, Inc., Flik, Atta, and Hopper from A bug's life, and special appearances by Frozone and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles.

3 large floats are in the parade, 3 "alphabet block" floats and 4 trampoline units, which were developed specifically for the Block Party Bash.