Grizzly Peak General Facts

2001 Grizzly Peak debuted

6 attractions are located in Grizzly Peak land

2 shows and entertainment are located in the Grizzly Peak Land

4 dinning locations are located in Grizzly Peak Land

3 shopping location are located in the Grizzly Peak land

Grizzly River Run

2001 is when Grizzly River Run debuted

8 guests can ride each raft at a time

5 minutes of soakin fun can be found at Grizzly River Run

110 feet to the top of Grizzly Peak.

45 foot is the height to the top of the lift run at Grizzly Peak.

22 foot frop is one of the longest at Grizzly Peak.

533 African Bongosi wood slats make up the Grizzly River Run lift in Disney California Adventure park

Soarin' Over California

2001 is when Soarin' Over California debuted

2 theaters are used at this attraction

87 guests can ride in each theater

27 guests can sit in gliders A & C

33 guests can sit in Glider B

3 rows are on each glider

40 feet in the air makes you feel like you are Soarin' over California, for those in the top row, you are about 10 feet off the ground.

5 minutes flight is your total flight time on Soarin' over California.

Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar

2008 is when Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar debuted

15 to 20 minutes will needed to view this attraction

Mission Tortilla Factory

2001 is when Mission Tortilla Factory debuted

5 to 10 minutes will be needed for you watch the movie


Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

2001 is when Redwood Creek Challenge Trail debuted