Disneyland Paris

140 acres make up Disneyland Paris park area.

50 acres make was allocated to Walt Disney Studio Paris.

40 guests can seat at the Café des Cascadeurs at Disneyland Paris.

5,000 trees and 59,000 bushes are in Disneyland Paris.

2,500 square meters of flowerbeds are in Disneyland Paris.

40,000 water planets are in Disneyland Paris

7,000 trees, 47,000 bushes and 2,300 square meters of flowerbeds surround the Disney Resort Paris Hotels.

2 kilometers of hedges in Alice's Curious Labyrinth an attraction unique to Disneyland Resort Paris. The hedges were grown 3 years before the opening of the Resort.

2 new Pixar-themed attractions debuted in 2007: Cars Race Rally and Crush’s Coaster.

2 new attractions are coming soon too; Disneyland Resort Paris will open the Tower of Terror attraction, as well as the highly interactive Stitch Live, in 2008.

4 million shrubs are maintained in the Le Notre Garden

985 shrubs were used to create Pantere DeBroderie or embrodied Pattern

Tokyo Disneyland

126 acres make up the Tokyo Disneyland


122 acres make up Tokyo DisneySea park area


5th year anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea was celebrated on July 14, 2006.


41 million gallons of water are covering more than 22 of the 122 acres of the DisneySea area that’s accessible to Guests. The waterway, which weaves 

throughout the park, is the largest body of water in any Disney theme park.


750,000 square feet of rock were made for Mount Prometheus


189 feet high is Mount Prometheus


10 rocket launchers are in the mouth opening of Mount Prometheus


3,000 pounds is the weight of each rocket launcher at Mount Prometheus


50 feet in the air are flames that shoot from Mount Prometheus


10:28 is the time on the clock in the Power room of Monster, Inc, this a tribute to the film’s premiere on 10/28/2001


2,640,000 is the number of costumes laundered each year


2,640,000 hamburgers are sold each year


1,430,000 is the number of pizzas sold each year


5,700,000 is the number of cannon bullets fired on Pirates of the Caribbean attraction


615,000 KM is the distance the rockets travel on Space Mountain, which is 1.6 times the distance to the moon


278,000 is the number of songs sung by the bears in the Country Bear Jamboree attractions

Hong Kong Disneyland

310 acres make up the Hong Kong Disneyland Park.


250 hectares occupies the park area (one hectare equals 2.47 acres), 200 of which were reclaimed from the sea by filling sand behind a seawall up to 30 meters.


1 year anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland was Celebrated on September 12, 2006.


3 languages are on each sign in the park to accommodate the many Guests of varied cultures who visit; the 3 languages are English, Simplified Chinese and 

Traditional Chinese.



250,000 annual flowering plants and 15,000 canopy trees are in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Shanghai Disney & Hotels

4.2 million cubic meters of water were extracted and 18 million meters of wick drains laid in a 1.68-square-kilometer area in Shanghai's eastern suburbs, in what project authorities said was the largest site formation project in the world. 


100,000 tests were conducted to ensure the quality of the site formation, which started on April 8 last year. 


30 constructions projects will begin this year, including hotels, the theme park and transportation and entertainment facilities. 


3.9 sq km will be the estimated completed size of the resort which will include, a theme park, two themed hotels, various dining and entertainment venues, recreational facilities, a lake and transportation hubs. 


24.5 billion yuan ($3.7 billion) is the estimated construction costs of Shanghai Disney & Hotels


500 designers and architects had worked intensively on every detail of the theme park to ensure that visitors will have "the best experience". 


3 joint ventures have been set up between Walt Disney and Shanghai Shendi Group Co, a wholly State-owned company specifically created last year for the 

development and management of the Shanghai Disney Resort. 


57% of controlling stake is held by Shendi in the 2 joint venture companies, and a 30-percent minority stake in the joint venture management company. 


3.9-sq-km Shanghai Disney resort will be the world's 6 Disney amusement park and the first one on the Chinese mainland.



4.5 billion yuan will be spent to build the hotels and accompanying retail, dining and entertainment facilities.