Disney Movie General Facts

1928, well November 18 1928 is the day Mickey Mouse was born in a file titled “Steamboat Willie”

86 Academy Awards have been won by Disney as of the year 2005.

20 million copies of Finding Nemo sold in the first 14 days.

48 million units sold of Finding Nemo worldwide.

70.7 million in box office sales for the opening weekend for the Incredibles, best opening weekend for Disney/Pixar release.

46 movie releases that have grossed over $100 million domestically Buena Vista Pictures Distribution holds the all-time industry record.

1,800 photographs were taken of the city of Esfahan, Iran for the research of the movie Aladdin.

$4 million was the budget for the 1953 Disney classic Peter Pan.

750 artists, 2 million drawings, and some 1,500 shades of paint is what it took to bring the Disney classic Pinocchio to the big screen.

$2.6 million was the cost for creating Disney classic Pinocchio.

$8.5 million in gross sales made Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, making it the highest grossing film of all time in 1937, until gone with the Wind hit the theaters 2 years later

30,000 fans who couldn’t score one of the $5 tickets to the premiere of Snow White gathered outside the theatre just to be a part of the historic event.

750 artists were needed to create the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie

2 million individual paintings were used to create, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

4 movie companies are owned by the Walt Disney Company, which includes the following, Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax Pictures.

49 releases that have grossed over $100 million domestically, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution holds the all-time industry record.

$1 billion box office gross threshold again in 2005, becoming the first international distribution company in history to achieve this feat 11 times in ten consecutive years.

1 million DVD copies of Disney’s Snow White were sold on the first day of release back on October 1, 2001.

$1,499,000 budget to make Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs during the great depression, it debuted on December 21, 1937 at the Carthy theater in Los Angeles.

$200 million was the domestic gross for the film Aladdin.

9500 feet in the Columbia Mountains near Panorama, British Columbia is where the film ALIVE was shot.

44 animated features; classic films have been produced up to 2004.

9 animated feature, computer films have been produced up to 2006.

8 animated features; live-action features with animated characters or segments have been produced up to 2006.

4 years to make Aristocats and a budget of over $4 million.

325,000 drawings are in Aristocats dome by 35 animators, with 20 main sequences to the film having 1,125 separate scenes using 900 painted backgrounds.

250 people worked on the film Aristocats.

$140 million was the box office gross for Beauty & Beast making it the largest animated gross of it’s time.

12 years in the making is what it took to bring Black Cauldron to the big screen.

5 years of actual production to make Black Cauldron.

$25 million dollars were spent making Black Cauldron.

1,165 hues and colors were used to bring to life Black Cauldron.

34 miles of film stock were used to produce Black Cauldron.

14 months of production were needed to produce the movie The Black Hole.

$20 million dollars were spent making the movie the Black Hole.

$450 million was earned in worldwide gross by the movie Cars.

5 million copies of Cars are sold in 2 days of its release on 11/7/2006.

$55.5 million in the U.S. alone on the opening day of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the highest single-day gross in box office history. The film also broke the box office record for an opening weekend, bringing in over $135 million.

$1 billion in global box office for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, making it the 3rd highest grossing film of all time.

5 million units of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was sold in its 1st day of release on DVD on 12/5/2006.

51 movie releases that have grossed over $100 million domestically make Buena Vista Pictures Distribution the all-time industry record.

1,362 produced and acquired movie titles, including 1,129 live action movie titles and 233 cartoon shorts and animated features, were available to the domestic home-entertainment marketplace by as of September 30, 2006, under the banners Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, and Dimension.

20 Academy Awards have been won by the Pixar and Disney/Pixar movie studios as of the year 2006.

270 pieces of food were created in the computer for Ratatouille.

911 full length live action feature films were release in Fiscal year 2007

79 full-length animated features were released in fiscal year 2007

544 cartoon shorts and 53 live action shorts under the Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Dimension banners were released in fiscal year 2007

1,410 produced and acquired titles were produced under the following banners Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Dimension

1,176 live-action titles and 234 cartoon shorts and animated features, were available to the domestic home-entertainment marketplace

3,070 produced and acquired titles, including 2,270 live-Action titles and 800 cartoon shorts and animated features, were available to the international home-entertainment market

11 of the top 25 features, 22 of the top 25 animated features and 17 of the top 25 direct-to-videos in home video, in terms of units sold by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

23rd best-selling animated feature on home video, in terms of units sold is the movie Cars

1001 West Cutting Blvd is the address of Al’s Toy Barn and the address of Pixar studio

16 is the age of Snow White in the movie

6,469,952 were painted on the 101 Dalmatian dogs in the film

2319 is the emergency code in the movie Monsters, Inc

812,000 were the cost to make Dumbo and were the cheapest

5 crows cane see Dumbo fly

10 short films make up the Full Length Animated Feature: Make Mine Music

6 lost boys are in the movie Peter Pan

4 mice were turned into horses in the movie Cinderella

14 songs are in the movie Alice in Wonderland more then any other movie

6 years were needed to make Sleeping Beauty

6 million dollars were used to make Sleeping Beauty

949 full-length live-action have been released as of October 3, 2009, domestically

83 full-length animated features, approximately, have been released as of October 3, 2009, domestically

548 cartoon shorts and 53 live action shorts have been released as of October 3, 2009, domestically

1st studio with 2 $1 Billion films in 1 year at the global box office.  In 2010 Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland made this happen.

1,295 painted backgrounds were used in Beauty and the beast

120,000 drawings were used to make Beauty and the Beast

370 people were involved in the making of Beauty and the Beast

43 animators were involved  the creation of Beauty and the Beast

5 minutes is the total time of Beauty and the Beast that there is no music

19,000 drawing were needed to draw the flames for Lumiere’s

2nd film to fully use the CAPS system, which is a digital ink, paint, camera and animation process

50th Animated Walt Disney Film was Tangled

7.2 million drawing are estimated to be used in the first 50 movies animated movies

1st animated film to use CG (computed graphics) was the Great Mouse Detective ( the clock scene)

1940 is when Walt first started working on the story for Rapunzel

70 feet is the length of Rapunzel’s hair in the movie Tangled

100,000 strains of hair make up the 70 foot length of hair shown in the movie

100’s of drawings of Flynn were used to come up with he final drawing

45,000 Lanterns were created and used in the birthday scene

#1 film to have the largest crowd scene is Tangled, #2 is Hunch Back of Notre Dame

3,000 CG figures were used in the crowd scene of Tangled

128 Donald Duck cartoons were made

26 silent cartoons were done by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit between 1927 and 1928.



220, 000 is the size of the Pixar Animation studio in Emeryville, California

1,000 employees work at Pixar in California


Finding Nemo

200 turtles are in the turtle dive sequence 



18 is the house number on Carl’s House in the movie UP

10,286 balloons were animated in the movie UP

144 frames per second is how fast the Digital 3D projector show the movie speed at, that is 6 times faster then a regular movie

$400 million at the worldwide box office is the gross for Disney-Pixar’s Up and is the Studio’s 3rd highest-grossing domestic animated release of all time, It is the 

7th film in Disney history to hit this milestone.

$100 million is the gross for Disney•Pixar’s Up was the 1st film to break this in 3D box office receipts.

2009 saw the first film released under Disney’s newest film banner, Disneynature, with the theatrical and subsequent Blu-ray and DVD release of Earth.


Toy Story

58 separate controls are used to move Woody’s mouth in Toy Story movie

114,240 frames of animation were required to make Toy Story come to life

2 to 15 hours of computer time were required to render each and every frame of the movie Toy Story

300 computers worked simultaneously to handle the tremendous load

1 truck “The Pizza Planet” truck can be found in every single Pixar movie.

11.43 inches tall is the total height of Buzz, which makes him 4 inches shorter than Woody


Toy Story 3

A113 the number of a classroom at CalTech where many Pixar animators studied, shows up as an Easter egg in every Pixar film. In the "Toy Story" series, it's the license plate on Andy's mother's car.

1 time Sid, the bully from the first movie who wears a skull T-shirt, appears as a garbage man in Toy Story 3 film wearing the same skull T-shirt.

1 postcard on Andy's dresser addressed from the featured characters from last year's "Up," Carl and Ellie Fredrickson.

3 Lightning McQueen from "Cars" is referenced a few times throughout the film: A miniature toy car at the daycare center, on a child's shirt at the center and on a 

fictional train that shares McQueen's number, 95. That number is itself an Easter egg, referring to 1995, the year the first "Toy Story" was released.

1 calendar from Pizza Planet is clearly seen. Pizza Planet has appeared in every Pixar film except "The Incredibles."

Pixar has a history of hiding a character to be featured in a later movie somewhere in a current film. Nemo first appeared in "Monsters, Inc." and "Toy Story 3" newcomer, Lots-o-Huggins Bear (who, ironically, is not very huggable), first appeared alongside a bed in "Up." A poster on Andy's wall shows a character from next year's "Cars 2." It shows Finn McMissile, a British sports car/secret agent who plays a major role in the sequel.

Buzz Lightyear's batteries are from "Buy 'N' Large," the giant corporation responsible for ruining the planet in "WALL-E."

Totoro, the furry, friendly creature from Hayao Miyazaki's Japanese animated classic "My Neighbor Totoro," shows up as a toy that Woody meets. Pixar founder John Lasseter has called Miyazaki an inspiration for his work, and Lasseter produced his most recent film, "Ponyo."

A significant amount of the film takes place at a daycare center. At the daycare center, Mr. Ray the Scientific Stingray from "Finding Nemo" makes a cameo. Nemo himself appears as a sticker on Andy's toybox.

"Toy Story 3" director Lee Unkrich performs one line in the movie, as the voice of the Jack in the Box character.

2 ½ years were required to write the The "Toy Story 3" screenplay and storyboard.

John Ratzenberger keeps his streak alive of appearing in every single Pixar film made to this point. For "Toy Story 3," he reprises his role as Hamm.

Ken, voiced by Michael Keaton, was based on a 1988 version of him called "Animal Lovin' Ken" which included his "own chimpanzee to care for and love." Um, okay. The Barbie featured in the film is based on a 1983 version titled "Great Shape Barbie."

21 different outfits were worn by Ken in Toy Story 3 movie.

229 animation points of movements help Woody’s face come to life

215 animation points of movements help Buzz’s face come to life

302 characters are in the film Toy Story 3

1,484,437 monkeys in the barrel that's dropped when Hamm presses the “Death by Monkeys” button in Toy Story 3 opening sequence!

3,473,271 individual hairs are on Lotso and they are organized in several layers of different length and thickness

202 teeth are in Bruce's mouth and each individually animatable



9 versions of Eve were created before the settle on the version that appeared in the movie


Cars 2

926 new characters can be found in Cars 2, with voice cameos by some pretty famous stars of the real racing world too

95 on Lighting McQueen references the year "Toy Story" was released.