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29 05, 2019


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What do you get when you cross an epic toy with a tragic backstory, a daredevil attitude, incredible poses, a healthy dose of Canadian spirit, and the melodic voice of […]

22 05, 2019

INFO: New Structure Appears at International Gateway During Construction

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new structure has appeared at International Gateway, just outside of the expansive construction zone. The structure itself looks to be a temporary ticket or guest relations kiosk. That said, Cast […]

21 05, 2019

RUMOR: Land Clearing for Rumored Club 33 Location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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There is quite a bit of land clearing taking place along the path between Pandora – The World of Avatar and Africa. Trees have been removed and shrubs cleared for […]

20 05, 2019

RUMOR: Leaked Blueprints Reportedly Reveal Spider-Man Attraction Details for Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney

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Leaked blueprints have hit the web that reportedly reveal the plans for a Spider-Man dark ride coming to both Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. The […]

19 05, 2019

INFO: Which Restaurants Will Have Mobile Order in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

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A week ago, Disneyland put out a short video to help prepare guests for their visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In the video, they said that select locations within […]

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