NEWS: Disney Gives More Info on NBA Experience Coming to Disney Springs

//NEWS: Disney Gives More Info on NBA Experience Coming to Disney Springs

NEWS: Disney Gives More Info on NBA Experience Coming to Disney Springs

Since before the closure of DisneyQuest in 2017, basketball fans and guests of Disney Springs have been curious about just what to expect from the new NBA Experience that will occupy the location. Disney has just released some more details on what will be in store for visitors when the new entertainment center opens in the summer of 2019.

First off, if you’ve ever watched a live NBA Draft and imagined yourself up there with the pros, you can get that feeling in person with “a photo moment that re-creates the atmosphere of the draft stage.”

You’ll also be able to train like a professional, with “a replicated NBA Combine challenge” to help you improve your game and a scouting statistics report to go along with it.

Guests will have the opportunity to perform timed shots before a “roaring crowd,” get photos of themselves making slam dunks on adjustable baskets, and work with a trainer to improve their dribbling game.

There will also be a some less-professional games for visitors to take part in, like a giant slingshot that players can use to shoot balls at different hoops in a timed challenge. NBA Experience will, of course, feature a basketball trivia competition with up to 25 players involved. Interactive arcade games focused on the sport will also be available, from Pop-A-Shot to modern video games.

NBA Experience will be filled with visual entertainment: Two 180-degree screens will show “stories from players’ perspectives” and arena footage, while “an interactive multi-screen module” will allow guests “to watch replay clips from NBA games, using the tools at their stations to make the right calls.”

A professional basketball experience wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the locker room, and NBA Experience’s will feature “up-to-date statistics and visuals of top NBA and WNBA players.”

Lastly, and the least surprising detail, there will be a merchandise shop on hand selling Disney-designed NBA-themed products.

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