Walt Disney - The Man

December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966

32 Oscars including 3 special awards makes Walt Disney the record holder for the most amounts of Oscar wins.

59 Oscar nominations also makes him the largest nomination holder as well

1,000,000 balloons were released on Walt Disney’s birthday back in 1985 by the city of Anaheim saluting Disneyland and its creator, making that release a world record.

1 year of high school is all Walt Disney Attended.

53 years old when Walt dedicated Disneyland Park. It was a memorable ceremony. There in Town Square, Walt could look around and see the fulfillment of his hopes, dreams, and ambitions in the form of a spectacular entertainment kingdom.

1946 was the last year that Walt did the voice for Mickey Mouse.

1/8 scale model railroad that Walt had built in his backyard, called the Carolwood Pacific Railroad

.5 mile track was the length of the railroad built by Walt in his backyard

46 foot long trestle was also built for his railroad

90 foot long tunnel was built underneath his wife (Lilly’s) flower bed

53 was the age of Walt Disney when Disneyland first opened

8 years old was Roy when his little brother Walt was born

213-834-3141 EXT 345 was the phone number on the phone of Walt Disney desk

25 was how old Walt was when he grew that world famous mustache

20 years he was the voice of Mickey Mouse

$400 deposit was used used to buy the original land for the Disney Studios back in 1925

4/4/1964 was the last time Walt Disney was on the property in Florida which became WDW