Walt Disney World Parades & Shows

Let the Memories Begin

16 projectors are used to project images on Cinderella’s castle

4 locations are used to house the 16 projectors to project images on Cinderella’s castle

Main Street Electrical Parade

1977 is when the Main Street Electrical Parade debuted

2001 is when Main Street Electrical Parade was retired

26 units portraying nine themes are in the Main Street Electrical parade.

575,000 lights in six colors - Amber, Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Pink, and Red - plus clear. Most used color: Amber (152,000) are used in the Main Street Electrical parade.

27 tons of batteries power lights, audio and float movement. Together, they could provide enough power to light 32 homes, now that is the Main Street Electrical parade.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

10/09/2003 is when Wishes® first debuted at the Magic Kingdom.

12 minutes is the length of the fireworks show

7/4/1985 is when Tinkerbell took her first fireworks flight

105 pounds is the weight limit for TinkerBell, yes it’s a real person

5 foot 3 inches is the height limit for Tinkerbell

11 locations around the Magic Kingdom are where the fireworks for Wishes are launched from

557 firework-firing cues are used

683 individual pieces of pyrotechnics are used in Wishes

Spectromagic Parade

1991 is when the SpectoMagic Parade debuted

2001 is when SpectoMagic parade was revised

2008 is when SpectoMagic parade was revised again

31 total floats are in the parade

6 whirly pods are in the parade

592’ is the length of most of the floats(with Tow Bars – 664’)

258,000 lbs is the estimated weight of 1 off the floats

117 Tons is the weight of an average parade float

5-F unit the Chernabog is the longest float

30’6” is the wing span of the Chernbog float

7’6” is the shortest float which is unit 4-D the Bubble Fish

14’0” is the widest float which is unit 3-A The Peacock float

3’11” is the thinest float which is unit 4-D The Bubble Fish

24’0” is the tallest float which is unit 6-E the Carousel float

286 square feet is the largest float which is unit 1-B the Title float

948 batteries are used on the floats

442,260 watts are used by all the floats in the parade

204 speakers are used in all of the floats

72,000 watts of audio is produced for the parade

112 batteries are used for the audio

342,270 mini lights are used in the parade

11 different colors of mini lights are used including clear

54,892 is most lights used on 1 float and that is unit 6-E the Carousel

2,722 is the float with the least amount of lights and that is unit 4-G Sebastian

11 colors is used on unit 6-E, the carousel that is the most colors used on any float

118 cast members are in the parade, that includes float drivers and parade coordinators

65 pounds is the weight of 1 battery used n the parade

100 miles (approximately) of fiber-optic cables and threads become conduits for shimmering lights that create everything from the strands of "hair" on King Triton's beard...to giant, four-foot hibiscus blooms and three-foot daisy petals in Disney’s SpectroMagic Parade.

600,000 miniature lights chase in wild patterns, moving in perfect concert with sound effects and music. Goofy's xylophone keys dance with light at his touch. Mickey's cape transforms in a 24-step cascade of color sweeping from shoulder height to the base of the float and upward to 17 feet above his head. It's a "first" for a float, accomplished through a custom computer for the SpectroMagic Parade.

20 minutes long is the SpectroMagic Parade

17 feet tall is the height of Mickey’s Bright cape.

18 towers are on Cinderella’s castle

30 computers are needed to keep SpectroMagic running

75 tons of batteries are needed used to power the parade

Very Merry Christmas Party

300,000 cookies are consumed each night of the party.

1,200 gallons of hot coco are drunk each night of the Christmas party.

5500 lights are hung on each icon Christmas tree in each park or resort for the holidays.

70 ton crane is used to position the theme park Christmas trees into place each year.

1500 decorated Christmas trees are placed thought the entire WDW property.

8.5 million lights are hung to decorate the WDW property for Christmas.

15 miles of garland are used to decorate the WDW property for Christmas.

300,000 yards of ribbon are used to decorate the WDW property for Christmas.

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade

2001 is the year Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade

15 minutes is the approximate length of the Jammin parade.

5 character-based safari vehicles

4 drum sculptures

3 rickshaw taxis

8 animal puppets

16 Disney characters

10 Party Animal stilt walkers

10 Party Patrols.

8 abstract animal puppets were designed by Michael Curry Designs in Portland, Ore., which created the puppets for “The Lion King” on Broadway.

60 cast members including performers, drivers and coordinators participate in the parade.

25 spectators will be selected daily to ride in the opening unit, 3 guest rickshaws and the finale unit. Guests will be given Kodak disposable cameras so they can capture the special moment aboard the parade.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (2009)

5 days are needed to install the fall overlay on the Magic Kingdom

216 tons of candy will be given out to trick or treaters during the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party nights

35 different varieties of candy will be handed out, so there is something for everyone

Boo To You Parade

Here is part 1 of the Boo To You Parade

Here is part 2 of the Boo To You Parade