Extinct Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Extinct Mickey’s Toontown Fair General Facts

4 attractions are in Mickey’s Toontown Fair

1 dinning location is in Mickey’s Toontown Fair

2 shopping locations are in Mickey’s Toontown Fair

7th land is Toontown was the only one added to the original park layout.

1988 was when Mickey’s Bithdayland was opened for Mickey’s 60th birthday and eventually became Mickey’s Toontown Fair and a permanent 7th land.

The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm

1996 is the debuted year of the Barnstormer

1.5 minute is a short ride for the Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm.

32 guests can ride the Barnstormer at one time

2 trains run at the same time

8 cars are on each ride vehicle

30 feet is the total height

20 miles per hour is the top speed of the Barnstormer

1 lift is on the Barnstormer

Mickey's Country House

1998 is when Mickey’s Country House came to town

2,100 props were purchased to use in Mickey’s Toontown

985 props were made from scratch by Imagineering for Mickey’s Toontown.

125 guests can go though Mickey’s house at 1 time

Minnie's Country House

1996 is when Minnie’s Country House came to town

0 is the number of bedrooms in Minnie’s house

125 guests can be in Minnie’s House at 1 time

Donald's Boat

1996 is when Donald’s Boat debuted

60 guests can ride Donald’s boat at 1 time