Marathon By The Numb3rs


WDW Marathon weekend Jan 2013

1.9 oz was the weight of the medal given out in 1994

8.7 OZ is the weight of the medal given out in 2013

24 tons is the total weight of all medals given out since 1994

201,087 is the total finishers since 1994 (as of 2013)

5,268,479.4 miles have been traveled by the runners since 1994 (as of 2013)

11,221 runners were register from Florida which was one of the top 3 states

2,181 runners were register from New York which was one of the top 3 states

1,726 runners were register from Texas which was one of the top 3 states

46 countries participated in the full marathon

39 countries participated in the ½ marathon

29 countries participated in the Goofy challenge

25,597 women registered for marathon

22,637 men registered for the marathon

211.5 is how many times the runners could circle the globe based on all the mikes run since 1994

Tinkerbell Marathon Disneyland Jan 2013

21,680 runners were registers

73 runners were celebrating a birthday

14 years old was the youngest registered runner

77 was the oldest registered runner

348 International runner participated

8,513.70 gallons of water was used during the races

22,000 Cliff shots were used

12,000 bananas were eaten during the races

9,539 runners were registered from California

667 runners were registered from Arizona

517 runners were registered from Washington

273 runners were registered from Canada

16 runners were registered from Australia

15 were registered from Mexico

11,704 females ran the full marathon

1,361 males ran the full marathon