Magic Kingdom

General Magic Kingdom Facts

10/1971 is the opening day for the Magic Kingdom

107 acres makes up the Magic Kingdom on Opening day

1967 is when construction started to build the Magic Kingdom

$400,000,000.00 was the construction costs just to build the Magic Kingdom

8,000 employees were woking at the Magic Kingdom when it opened

1 million guests were serviced at the WDW Preview center that was built in 1970 before it closed

7 lands are in the Magic Kingdom

35 attractions are in the Magic Kingdom

10 Entertainment and shows are in the Magic Kingdom

25 dinning locations are at the Magic Kingdom

23 shopping locations are located at the Magic Kingdom

10 million guests visited the Magic Kingdom in less then 10 years.

10,000 guests visited WDW during the opening year that quickly grew to 10,000 an hour

16.2 million visitors in the year 2005

12,156 parking spaces are at the Magic Kingdom.

125 acre parking lot is at the Magic Kingdom

5/30/1967 began the groundbreaking on Walt Disney World Resort.

9,000 workers were needed to prepare Walt Disney World Resort for opening day.

142 acres of property was used for Magic Kingdom originally.

108 feet is the elevation of the Magic Kingdom, according to the sign at the Main Street Railroad Station.

65 foot Christmas tree is erected each Christmas season.

189 feet to the top of Cinderella’s castle.

1100 Audio-Animatronics figures are in the Magic Kingdom alone! These are all controlled using a system called DACS (Digital Animation Control System) from a central remote location, along with the more than 700 soundtracks for attractions, parades, stores and restaurants! In the four theme parks, there are close to 2000 Audio-Animatronics figures in all.

3.37 million gallons of water is in the moat that surrounds the Castle at WDW.

13 intricately carved, winged gargoyles appear on the outside of the castle at WDW.

23 attractions were all you received on opening day at the Magic Kingdom. Compared to the 37 attractions currently available.

$3.50 was the admission price on opening day in 1971.

$4.95 admission you received an adult 7-ride coupon book that contained a mix of A. B, C, D, E. Additional tickets were $.25 and .50 for each

100,000 hours and 5,000 yards of fabric were need to by the costumers to create the 125 costumes for the show Cinderellabration

15 children on average get lost each day at the Magic Kingdom and need to be reunited with their parents.

550 miles of wiring were need for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

530,000 bulbs were required to light the Main Street Electrical Parade.

3 horse-drawn street cars on Main Street, but only 2 run at a time.

10 to 12 miles per hours is how fast the steam engine trains can speed along the Magic Kingdom tracks.

14 restrooms are located thought the Magic Kingdom

1 first aid station is located in the Magic Kingdom at the Crystal Palace restaurant area.

1 Guest information is located at Town Hall on Main Street USA.

5 ATM’s are located in the Magic Kingdom.

10 designated smoking areas are located in the Magic Kingdom, otherwise smoking is prohibited.

7 pay phone locations with TTY are located in the Magic Kingdom.

1 Baby care center is located at the Crystal Place.

8 Kodak picture spots are located in the Magic Kingdom. These are great place to take family photos.

4 DVC (Disney Vacation Club) location are in the Magic Kingdom, In case you feel like buying a little piece of the magic.

5 character-greeting areas are located in the Magic Kingdom

6 restaurants/dining options are located on Main Street U.S.A, they include: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Main Street Bakery, Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, The Plaza Restaurant, Casey’s Corner, The Crystal Palace.

5 times has Walt Disney World been shutdown in the entire history. The first time was after the 9/11 tragedy, and the subsequent closures were due to Hurricanes.

1 million firework shells are fired at the Magic Kingdom each year.

60 miles per hour is how fast the trash moves though the Automated Vacuum Assisted Collection System (AVACS)

50 tons a day of trash is handled by the AVAC system

1 mile away is the distant the castle is designed to be seen from.

500,000 bits of glass in 500 different colors are used inside Cinderella’s castle

2 years were need to construct the mosaic panels by the artist Hanns-Joachim Scharff and his team

3 ferries are used to get from the Ticket and transportation Center (TTC) to the Magic kingdom. Each Ferry is clad in different trim colors and is named for past Disney executives: the General Joe Potter (blue), the Richard F. Irvine (red) and the Admiral Joe Fowler (green).

5 Disneyland’s can fit in the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom

44 food carts can be found though out the Magic Kingdom

48 merchandise locations can be found though out the Magic Kingdom

14 merchandise carts can be found though out the Magic Kingdom

100+ hanging baskets are located at the bus turnaround at the entrance to Magic Kingdom

2 windows on Main Street are dedicated to Walt. ! Is over the train station looking at the entrance and the other is at the end of Main street watching over the park.

1901 was the “year” the emporium opened, and was the year that Walt was born

50 references to Mickey Mouse appear in the Town Square Theater

23 attractions were in the Magic kingdom on opening day

3 attractions were unique to WDW on opening day and they were; Mickey Mouse Revue, Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of presidents

1.2 million costumes were once stored in the Utilidors, but in 2005 they were moved to a large facility near cast member parking

17 million guests visited the Magic Kingdom in 2010, were you 1 of them

Main Street, USA

6 dinning locations are on Main Street

9 shopping locations are on Main Street

3:15 minutes to ride down Main Street when you ride the streetcars

2:28 minutes to ride down Main Street when you ride the Fire Engine

16,742 square feet of retail space stocked with just about anything imaginable in Disney gifts, clothes and souvenirs can be found in the Emporium on Main Street.

71 is the number on the Fire House on Main Street, to signify the year the park opened.

4 building really exist on Main Street, but have been designed to look like many shops and stores.

7/8 size is how they make Main Street look larger then it real is, they call this forced perspective.

$17 for adult and $14 for children (under 12) haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop, in case you need to be neat and pretty for Mickey Mouse.

51 facades on main street use Cape Cod-style clapboard and gingerbread trim

850 foot long main street rises about 6 feet from the train station to the castle

2 attractions are on Main Street, The Main Street Vehicles and Walt Disney World Railroad

182 pumpkins are used to decorate Main Street they range from Disney Characters to symbols of the stores they sit upon

1,026,208 songs sung by the Dapper Dans, 4 notes at a time since they started singing in 1971

100 song list is kept by the Dapper Dans, and you can request any song in the list for them to sing.