Walt Disney World Hotels

General Disney Hotel Facts

22,449 total rooms (Does not include campsites) with 287,000 square feet of convention space.

6,578 total rooms on Disney property not operated by the Walt Disney Company. *as 2004

7 hotels are “on property” but are NOT owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.

22 resorts are on Disney property to choose from this includes the 5 Disney Vacation Club properties.

2 full service spas are located at WDW.

1 wedding pavilion is on WDW property for ALL your wedding needs.

72 years to sleep in each bed in WDW for one night, that’s a lot of bed hopping.

4 nights is the average length of guest stay at Disney resort

3 guests is the average number of guest that stay in each room

56 that’s the number of sparkling pools to enjoy among the 23 themed Disney resorts. There also are 12 beach areas.

50 themed pools are located all over WDW

2 resorts have ever opened in the month of December, 1 is Old Key West and the Other is Pop Century