Disney's Hollywood Studio

General Disney's Hollywood Studio

5/1/1989 is when Disney's Hollywood Studio debuted

2007 is when the park changed its name to Disney’s Hollywood Studio

8.6 million Visitors in the year 2005

77 acres were used for the Hollywood Studio Parking lot

7,500 parking spaces at Disney's Hollywood Studio

154 acres has been used for Disney's Hollywood Studio property.

$500 million dollars is the estimated construction costs to build Disney's Hollywood Studio Park.

5 attractions have FastPass. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Voyage of the Little Mermaid

5 attractions and one exhibit were available on opening day May 1, 1989, they were: The Monster Sound Show (now ABC Sound Studio), SoundWorks (exhibit), SuperStar Television, The Great Movie Ride, Backstage Studio Tour, The Magic of Disney Animation.

231 acres, including 77 acres of parking encompass the Disney's Hollywood Studio.

5 streets are in the Disney's Hollywood Studio, they are Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Mickey Avenue, New York Street, Echo Lake, Animation courtyard.

3 animation films were produced entirely in Florida, they were Mulan and Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear

5,100 cast members work at Disney’s MGM Studio. There are also about 400 production and animation cast members, plus additional technical support as required by individual producers' needs

31,000 Cobb salads are tossed each year at The Hollywood Brown Derby. The original recipe for the dressing was created in 1926.

190 orders of meatloaf and mashed potatoes are served each day at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe

25,000 costumes are created in the costume department each year, you can see this on the Backlot Tour

3.4 Miles is the height of the buttons that are used each year in the costume department, if they were stacked.

300,000 gallons of water are needed to fill the water tower

0 gallons of water are in the water tower, its just a prop

$335,433,448.00 is the taxable value of the Hollywood Studio

$77,851,018.00 is the land value of the Hollywood Studio

$222,722,357.00 is the building value of the Hollywood Studio

$4,699,503.11 is the last amount of taxes paid for the Hollywood Studio in 2006

35 feet into the air is the ABC Commissary restaurant sign, which by the way is stainless steel

10 foot palm is in the entrance way of the ABC Commissary restaurant

19 food locations can be found though out the Hollywood Studio

13 food carts can be found though out the Hollywood Studio

31 merchandise locations can be found though out the Hollywood Studio

9 merchandise carts can be found though out the Hollywood Studio

1/2 day experience was the original plan for this park when imagineering was working on the concept

19 attractions are located in The Hollywood dStudio