Extinct Attractions of WDW

Extinct Attractions of WDW

(river side outlet)

attraction closed 

(1980s Act IV, "Now Is The Time" theme)

(10 Dumbos)

Worst Show Ever 

Polaroid Camera Centers) 

filled in by Emporium's northward expansion 



Dates of OperationNotes

Safari Club

1971 - 1972Adventureland game room
Westward Ho Shop1971 - 1973Frontierland shop by Mile Long Bar
Flight To The Moon1971 - 1975Replaced by Mission To Mars
Art Festival (Main Street)1971 - 1975/1977East Center Street
CircleVision "America The Beautiful"1971 - 1974Returned from 1975 - 1979, then replaced by "Magic Carpet 'Round The World" 
Keel Boat Hat Shoppe1974/1975 - 1978Became Keel Boat Shoppe
Caribbean Arcade / Caverna de los Piratas1974 - 1980 Replaced by Lafitte's Portrait Deck
Liberty Square Riverboat Admiral Joe Fowler1971- 1980Original two-smokestack vessel damaged in drydock during rehab
Frontierland Ticket Booth1971 - 1980Small outpost across from Country Bear Jamboree
The Mickey Mouse Revue1971 - 1980Show sent to Tokyo, space at WDW became Fantasyland Theatre
Fantasyland Art Festival1971 - c.1981 Replaced by Enchanted Grove
Wonderland Of Wax1971 - 1981Main Street candle shop
Castle Camera Shop1971 - 1983Fantasyland shop, replaced by Disneyana 
Plaza Swan Boats1973 - 1983Docked on east side of hub
CircleVision "Magic Carpet 'Round The World"1974 - 1975Returned from 1979 - 1984, then replaced by "American Journeys" 
Frontierland Shootin' Gallery version 11971 - 1984Replaced by light-activated version
The Greenhouse1971 - 1984Main Street flower shop
Hallmark Card Shop1971 - 1985Replaced by Disney Clothiers
Space Mountain's Home of Future Living (and original RCA pre/post-show displays)1975 - 1985Replaced by RYCA-1: Dream of a New World
Tobacconist (Main Street)1971 - 1985Replaced by Main Street Stationers
The Cup'n Saucer1971 - 1986Main Street china shop
New Century Clock Shop1971 - 1986Main Street shop, incorporated into Emporium expansion 
Holiday Corner1981 - 1986Main Street Christmas shop
Merlin's Magic Shop1972 - 1986Replaced by Mickey's Christmas Carol
Diamond Horseshoe Revue1971 - 1986Replaced by Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree
Lancer's Inn (Fantasyland pizza place)1971 - 1986Replaced by Gurgi's Munchies & Crunchies
Mlle. Lafayette's Parfumerie1971 - 1986Incorporated into Olde World Antiques
Fife And Drum1972 - 1987Liberty Square snack bar
If You Had Wings1972 - 1987Became If You Could Fly
Frontierland Wood Carvers1984 - 1988Became Big Al's
Town Square Cafe1971 - 1989 Became Tony's Town Square Cafe 
Tropic Toppers1971 - 1988Became Zanzibar Shell Traders
Main Street Stationers1985 - 1989Replaced by Main Street Book Store
If You Could Fly1987 - 1989Replaced by Dreamflight
Disneyana Shop (Fantasyland)1983 - 1990Mad Hatter shop expands into Disneyana Shop's space 
Hospitality House1971 - 1990Main Street "service"
Frontierland Railroad Station (Original)1972 - 1990Site incorporated into Splash Mountain
Colonel Hathi's Safari Club1972 - 1990Became Island Supply Co.
Brier Patch (cabin shop)1986 - 1991Site incorporated into Splash Mountain, new Briar Patch shop located north of old shop's site 
Mickey's Mart1971 - 1991Became Mickey's Star Traders
Tricornered Hat Shoppe1971 - c. 1991Became Trail Creek Hat Shop
Main Street Electrical Parade version 11977 - 1991Replaced by SpectroMagic, MSEP version 2 debuted 1999 
Bearly Country1985 - 1991Became Prairie Outpost & Supply
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown1987 - 1992Became Mickey's Star Traders
The Golden Galleon1974 - 1992Site incorporated into expanded El Pirata y el Perico 
La Princesa de Cristal1974 - 1992Site incorporated into expanded El Pirata y el Perico 
The Walt Disney Story1973 - 1992Lobby used for several years after
Tinkerbell (sic) Toy Shopc. 1971 - 1992Became Tinker Bell's Treasures
Gurgi's Munchies & Crunchies1986 - 1993Became Lumiere's Kitchen
Mission To Mars1975 - 1993Replaced by Alien Encounter
Troubador Tavern1971 - 1993Became Hook's Tavern
Carousel Of Progress version 41975 - 1993Became Carousel Of Progress version 5 
Dumbo, The Flying Elephant version 11971 - 1993Became Dumbo, The Flying Elephant version 2 (16 Dumbos)
Hall Of Presidents version 11971 - 1993Became Hall Of Presidents version 2
"Magic Journeys"1988 - 1993Replaced by Legend of the Lion King
CircleVision 360 "American Journeys"1984 - 1994Replaced by TimeKeeper
StarJets1974 - 1994Became Astro Orbiter
Space Barc. 1974 - 1994Became Lunching Pad version 2
Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes1971 - 1994 -
The Lunching Pad version 11971 - 1994Became Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies 
Space Port1971 - 1994Became Mercant Of Venus
Adventureland Veranda1971 - 1994 -
Snow White's Adventures version 11971 - 1994Became Snow White's Adventures version 2 
20,0000 Leagues Under The Sea1971 - 1994Queue building became Fantasyland Character Festival
Mad Hatter Shop1971 - 1994Became Fantasy Faire
Royal Candy Shoppe1972 - 1994Became Seven Dwarfs Mining Co.
Lafitte's Portrait Deck1980 - 1994Replaced by Lafitte's (shop)
Tomorrowland Terrace1971 - 1994Replaced by Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
Penny Arcade1971 - 1995Replaced by Main Street Athletic Co.
House Of Magic1971 - 1995Replaced by Main Street Athletic Co.
Main Street Book Store1989 - 1995Replaced by Main Street Athletic Co.
Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree1986 - 1995Replaced by Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue & Medicine Show
Ichabod's Landing (formerly Keel Boat Shoppe)1978 - 1996Became stockroom
Liberty Square Riverboat Richard F. Irvine1973 - 1996Replaced by Liberty Belle (some Irvine parts used for Belle) 
Olde World Antiques1971 - 1996Replaced by Liberty Square Christmas Shop
Silversmith1971 - 1996Replaced by Liberty Square Christmas Shop
AristoCats (Fantasyland)1971 - 1996Replaced by Sir Mickey
Mickey's Christmas Carol1986 - 1996Replaced by Sir Mickey
Mickey's Starland (formerly Mickey's Birthdayland) 1988 - 1996Became Mickey's Toontown Fair
Fantasyland Pavilion (formerly Fantasy Faire)1971 - 1996Site incorporated into Ariel's Grotto
SunTrust (formerly SunBank)1977 - 1997Replaced by Main Street Gallery
Tropical Serenade version 11971 - 1997Replaced by Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management, a.k.a.
Sleepy Hollow Refreshments version 11971 - 1997Replaced by Sleepy Hollow Refreshments version 2
Main Street Confectionery version 11971 - 1998Replaced by Main Street Confectionery version 2
Take Flight (formerly Dreamflight)1989 - 1998Replaced by Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Pecos Bill Cafe version 11971 - 1998Replaced by Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe 
The Mile Long Bar1971 - 1998Absorbed into Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe 
The Main Street Cinema (theater)1971 - 1998Replaced by Main Street Cinema shop
Kodak Camera Center (formerly GAF &1971 - 1989Site incorporated into Main Street Confectionery expansion
Disneyana Collectibles (Main Street)1990 - 1998Replaced by Main Street Exhibition Hall
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride1971 - 1998Replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh 
Pieces O' Ate wagon (Caribbean Plaza)1992 - 1999 -
Skyway To Tomorrowland /Fantasyland 1971 - 1999 -
Mike Fink Keelboats 1971 - 2001  - 
Original Harmony Barber Shop 1971 - 2001 New version in Town Square 
West Center Street (off Main Street USA),1971 - 2001Included original Harmony Barber Shop plus Livery Stable, Champion Cyclery and Chinese Hand Laundry facades
House of Treasure (Caribbean Plaza)1974 - 2001Interior converted to stock room for adjacent plaza sales area
The Hunchback of Notre Dame – A Musical Adventure.
1996 32-minute show opened June 21, 1996 – the same day as the film did in theaters – and entertained guests until it closed on Sept. 28, 2002.

Discovery Island

11 acres is the size of discovery Island

120 species of wildlife live on the island

River Country

330,000 gallon heated swimming pool was located in the now-closed River Country. It was located between the main entrance and Bay Cove and housed two steep water slides that drop swimmers off in a free fall splashdown.