General Epcot Facts

5/1979 is when construction started to build Epcot.

10/1/1982 is the opening date for Epcot.

3 years were needed to constructed Epcot and it was the largest construction project on Earth at that time.

3,000 designers were used to create Epcot.

22 construction companies were need to build Epcot.

500 sub-contractors were also needed to help build Epcot.

10,000 construction workers were used to build Epcot.

54 million cubic feet of dirt was moved to build Epcot.

9.9 million visitors in the year 2005.

10.93 million guests came to visit Epcot in 2007, ranking it 3rd most visited park in the USA and 6th most visited park in the world.

300 acres is almost triple the size of the Magic Kingdom.

162 acres of parking lots exist for Epcot.

12,155 parking spaces are available at Epcot, which rarely fill.

1.4 billion dollars is the estimated cost to build Epcot, even though the budget was only $600 million.

5 attractions in Epcot offer FastPass. Captain EO, Living with The Land, Maelstrom, Mission: SPACE, Test Track.

19 major design revisions are what Epcot went through on its way to the final design.

$1.4 billion dollars was the approximate cost for the original construction of Epcot, which opened on October 1, 1982.

1.2 miles tall is how tall the golfer would have to be if Space-ship Earth was a golf ball. The hole would have to be 417 feet in diameter.

1.24 miles is the circumference of the World Showcase lagoon.

3,000 designers were used to design Epcot.

4,000 construction workers were needed to complete "Phase 1" of the Epcot theme park.

54 million cubic feet of dirt was moved during the initial con-struction of Epcot.

10,000 workers from 18 labor unions, as well as 22 General Con-tractors and 500 subcontractors participated in the construction of Epcot that took over a
span of 3 years to complete.

$1,400,000,000.00 [that's 1.4 BILLION dollars] was the cost to open Disney's second theme park in 1982. The official name then was EPCOT Center.

19,000 square feet is the size of Mouse Gear the largest retail store in any theme park, they did this by incorporating the area previously used for the "Epcot
Discovery Center" and "Epcot Poll" Theater.

162-acre parking area is just outside the gates of Epcot.

3 ATM’s are outside the front gates of Epcot.

3.5 acres of flowers and plants are at Epcot.

70 acres of lawn are at Epcot.

12,500 specimens of trees are at Epcot.

100,000 shrubs are at Epcot.

300 optical, motion, and sound effects are used at EPCOT, which is more than 5 times of those used at the Magic Kingdom.

260 acres entertainment complex is known as Disney’s Disco very Park.

274 continuous special effects are used throughout EPCOT every-day.

250 advanced projection systems are used at EPCOT to produce special effects.

190,000 feet (35 miles) of electrical wire and 22,000 feet (4 miles) of conduit.

750,000 images can be stored on the “Leave a Legacy” monoliths when it is completely filled. Each stone is 3 to 19 feet tall and can weigh as much as
50,000 pounds.

257 feet tall, the Millennium 2000 Icon was the tallest point at Walt Disney World Resort, besting the 199 feet of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM Studios.

$367,635,927.00 is the taxable value of the Epcot property.

$110,680,500.00 is land value for Epcot.

$243,137,355.00 is the building value at Epcot.

$5,150,667.56 is the taxes paid in 2006.

20,000 residents were to live in this Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

3 water fountains make submarine sounds, sing opera, or make wisecracks when you turn on the water.

28 discoveries and inventions are honored in the Epcot Inventors Circle.

7 counter service restaurants are located in Epcot.

15 snack stands are located in Epcot.

1 bar, yes I said bar, is located in Epcot.

31 food locations can be found through out Epcot.

40 food carts can be found through out Epcot.

55 merchandise locations can be found through out Epcot.

7 merchandise carts locations can be found through out Epcot.

3 films in its history have been shown at Epcot's Magic Eye Theater, and they are Magic Journeys, Captain EO and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

4,500 buildings were in the original Epcot community plan.

500 million board lumber became props at Epcot

Innoventions Fountain

2,000 gallons of water would be used if all the water cannons in the Innoventions Fountain were fired at the same time.

304 nozzles and "shooters" that can propel water over 150 feet in the air makes the Innovention Courtyard fountain an interest-ing site to visit.

3 months of computer programming were needed to get the Innovention Courtyard fountain to design the water ballets that run every 15 minutes.

1,068 colored lights focus on the streams of water at the Innoventions Fountain at night, making the fountain a nighttime spectacular.

212 MicroShooters located in the upper pool; each propels 2 gallons of water up to 80 feet in the air.

40 MiniShooters located in the lower pool; each propels 5 gallons of water up to 100 feet in the air.

12 SuperShooters located in the upper pool; each propels 50 gallons of water up to 150 feet in the air.

60 Spray nozzles air accumulators for the SuperShooters activate with pressures of 30 PSI to 120 PSI.

190,000 feet (35 miles) of electrical wire and 22,000 feet (4 miles) of conduit are used at the fountain.

23 countries brought water from 23 different rivers and lakes from around the world to help feed the fountain in the middle of Millennium plaza.