Disney's Animal Kingdom

General Animal Kingdom Facts

4/1998 opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

403 acres were used for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the company's biggest theme park.

7 lands are in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

17 attractions are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

6 entertainment and shows can be found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

17 dinning locations are in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

7 shopping locations are in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1 ATM can be found in the park

8 years of planning and creating were needed to make Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

3 years of construction were needed to create Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

800 million dollars were used to build Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

8.2 million of guests in the year 2005

9.5 million guests in the year 2007

500 acres has been used for Disney’s Animal Kingdom property.

6,000 cars can park at Animal Kingdom Park.

4,500 cast member’s work at the Animal Kingdom Park.

2,600 construction workers were needed to construct Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

5 attractions offering FastPass in Disney Animal Kingdom. DINOSAUR, Kali River Rapids, Kilimanjaro Safari, It’s Tough To Be a Bug, Primeval Whirl

60 dump trucks full of dirt were delivered to the Disney Animal Kingdom (DAK) construction site every day for 2 years straight to create the park’s landscape.

4.4 million cubic yards of dirt were used to create the Disney Animal Kingdom landscape.

60 miles of plumbing were laid in the Animal Kingdom.

$1.7 million dollars per year are spent on WORMS to feed the park animals.

8,000 tons of manure is the 4th largest recycled commodity of the Disney Company

90 ton tree replanted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest tree replanted and is located in Harambe Village.

4 million plants were planted at the Animal Kingdom to bring this park to life.

1,700 animals representing 250 different species have a home at the Animal Kingdom, most acquired from zoos accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

5,000 specimens of fish comprising 50 different species

2,000 specimens of insects comprising 40 different species

4.5 tons of food is fedd to the animals a day

400 individual or group meals are prepared by the Animal Nutrition Center each day

2.6 million gallons of water cycles though the park’s treated-water system 5 times a day it used in all the parks water features.

1 million square feet of rockwork were used in the creation of the Animal Kingdom

4,500 cast members work at the Animal Kingdom

50 to 70 acres are unused at the Animal Kingdom

150 different animal species have been breed by the park

40 types of palm trees are at the Animal Kingdom

260 grasses are used at the Animal KIngdom

2,000 kinds of shrubs are used at the Animal Kingdom

20 types of magnolia are located at the Animal Kingdom

3,000 palm like Cycad are located in DinoLand USA

4 million trees, plants, shrubs, ground-covers, vines, epiphytes and grasses from every continent on Earth -- except Antarctica -- were planted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

90 tons is the weight of the largest tree planted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom it is located in Harambe village

600 wellness checks are conducted per year by the Animal Programs team

40,000 samples of animal poop have been analyzed by the Lab technicians since Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened

2,000 pounds of vegetation and browse is fed to the animals every day

40,000 worms are fed to the animals, these include several varieties of worms including super mealworms, yellow mealworms, red wigglers, night crawlers and wax worms in a week

80,000 crickets per month are consumed by the animals as part of the healthy diet for the animals.

19 attractions are located in the Animal Kingdom