Pixar Place

Pixar Place General Facts

1 attractions can be found on Sunset Boulevard

0 entertainment and shows can be found on Sunset Boulevard

1 dinning locations can be found on Sunset Boulevard

1 shopping locations can be found on Sunset Boulevard

Toy Story Mania

2008 is when Toy Story Mania debuted

4 guests can seat in each Toy Story mania vehicle

108 guests can rise at 1 time

30 seconds of play is allowed in each section of the ride

5 minutes is the total ride time

8,500 Woody dolls is the same weight as 1 ride vehicle

5,026 toy soldiers would have to line up end to end to make up the track length

1 million virtual plates are broken each day

6 mini games are on this attraction

80 million dollars was the estimated cost to design and build this attraction

3 components make up the ride control system, 1 for the ride vehicles, 1 for the games and 1 more for the attraction's special effects

150 computers are used for this attraction, which includes 1 HP Windows XP PC for each of Midway Mania's game screens

56 game screens are used in this attraction

2 tracking systems provide the game control system with the vehicle's exact location, making sure that gameplay is not affected by even minor differences in vehicle position

3 sub-systems work together to handle any show control contingency that may occur.

1st attraction that Walt Disney Imagineering designed where the Imagineers had to wear 3-D glasses to art direct all the black-light paint elements.

4 foot diameter is the size of the viewfinder at Toy Story Mania

13 inches long is the length of the Christmas bulbs in the Toy Story Mania Queue

5 foot 6 inch person will feel about 14" tall in Andy’s room at Toy Story Mania

$6 in change can be seen falling out of Hamm in the Final scene of the game