Mousellaneous Disney

Mousellaneous Disney

$92,000 is the median income for a family living on Celebration Place as the year 2004. Celebration Place is the Disney planned community built by the Disney Company.

550 certified sommeliers or wine stewards employed by Walt Disney resort makes more than any other single employer.

126 acres is the property size of Tokyo Disneyland, which opened in April 1983.

122 acres was used to make Tokyo DisneySea, which opened September 2001.

140 acres is makes up the property of Disneyland Paris, which opened in April 1992.

50 acres was added to include Walt Disney Studio Paris, which opened March 2002.
310 acres are used to create Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened September 2005.

100 tons of laundry is processed at Walt Disney World EACH day.

8 million pounds of food and beverage linen is cleaned annually

32,000 costumes are laundries each day at Walt Disney World.

1.4 million pounds of laundry per week is done at WDW

60 to 62 megawatts on average are consumed at Walt Disney World each day.

18,000 phones on property at Walt Disney and they are maintained by Vista-United Telecommunications, which is a partnership between Vista
Communications Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, and United Telephone. 51% is owned by Walt Disney Productions, providing
the capital. The remaining 49% is owned by United Telephone, which provides the technology.

4% of all amateur photographs taken worldwide are done at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks.

28,000 square feet Materials Recovery Facility, processes over 30 tons per day of recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, steel, aluminum, glass, and

96 times taller than the height of Cinderella's Castle is how high all the buttons that used by the Costuming Plant Seam Team in one year.

340 acres is the size of Bay Lake, and is adjacent to the Seven Seas Lagoon and is located behind the Contemporary Resort and Wilderness Lodge.

230 Walt Disney World buses transport guests around Walt Disney World, making the Walt Disney World fleet the third largest in Florida behind Miami and

10,000 applications were taken in 2007 for the WDW Moms panel

12 applicants were accepted to the 2007 WDW Moms Panel

20,000 applications were taken in 2008 for the WDW Moms panel

16 Applicants will be accepts into the WDW Moms Panel in 2008

2 million calls are handled each month by Disney’s own telecommunication company called Vista-United Telecommunications

1971 Vista-United Telecommunications installed the first 911 emergency system in Florida

1978 Vista-United Telecommunications installed the first commercial fiber optic system

100% digital switching was installed by Vista-United Telecommunications making them the first to have this ability

375,000 long distance calls are handled by Vista-United Telecommunications each month

900,000 resort calls are handled by Vista-United Telecommunications each month

2001 Vista-United Telecommunications was sold to Smart City Telecom that now provides telecommunication service to WDW

4.8 million calls will be handled by Central Reservation Operations (CRO) in 1 year

600 cast members work in CRO during the peak season

150 different sets of outfits Mickey Mouse has to use, everything from a Tux to scuba outfit.

200 outfits are ready for Minnie to use each day, she has everything from a gown to a cheerleading outfit.

30,000 garments are dry cleaned each day at WDW

75 million Cokes are consumed each year at Walt Disney World Resort along with 13 million bottles of water.

200 Cinderella Castles high, that is how tall the stack would be if you stacked all the standard autograph books sold in 1 year at WDW

88 miles into space is how high all the Princess style autograph books if they were stacked end to end