Magic Kingdom Parades and Shows

Main Street Electrical Parade (2010)

6/6 through 8/14, 2010 is the run duration for “Main Street Electrical Parade” which will be showcasing lots of features never before seen – or heard – in Florida.

23 illuminated floats are in the 2010 edition of Disney’s Electrical Parade

2 classic favorites will return to the lineup after a 13-year hiatus – the shimmering diamond mine of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Pleasure Island haunts of Pinocchio.

500,000 lights will twinkle in this edition o f the parade.

10,000 are new “pixie dust” lights spread over the 23 parade floats

25,000 points of light and 75 percent are powered by an LED source are just on the Tinker bell float alone

160 dimmers are on the Tinker bell float, This is all part of a new control system makes it possible, for the 1st time, for each light to be programmed individually.

80 performers appear in each presentation of Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade.”

11,000 lights are on the dancers’ costumes alone. Thanks to the energy-efficient LED lights, some of the dancers’ costumes now carry only 1 battery pack instead of 2

500 batteries supply power for lighting, propulsion, audio and special effects in the “Main Street Electrical Parade.”

5 miles of wire is used throughout the floats of the “Main Street Electrical Parade.”

18.5 feet tall is the Clock tower float, making this tallest float in the parade

7 cars that span 118 feet is the how long the finale float the “Fireworks” float making this the longest in the parade

6 color of lights are used in the parade and they are red, pink, green, chartreuse, blue and amber

3500 is the length of green LED strings in feet used to create the leaf fields on the new Tinker Bell float

Let the Memories Begin Show

16 projectors are used to project images on Cinderella’s castle

4 locations are used to house the 16 projectors to project images on Cinderella’s castle

10 minutes is the length of the Let the Memories Begin show

500 images will be used from same-day guests

5,000 images will be displayed each night during the 10 minute show

SpectoMagic Parade

1991 is when the SpectoMagic Parade debuted

2001 is when SpectoMagic parade was revised

2008 is when SpectoMagic parade was revised again

31 total floats are in the parade

6 whirly pods are in the parade

592’ is the length of most of the floats(with Tow Bars – 664’)

258,000 lbs is the estimated weight of 1 off the floats

117 Tons is the weight of an average parade float

5-F unit the Chernabog is the longest float

30’6” is the wing span of the Chernbog float

7’6” is the shortest float which is unit 4-D the Bubble Fish

14’0” is the widest float which is unit 3-A The Peacock float

3’11” is the thinest float which is unit 4-D The Bubble Fish

24’0” is the tallest float which is unit 6-E the Carousel float

286 square feet is the largest float which is unit 1-B the Title float

948 batteries are used on the floats

442,260 watts are used by all the floats in the parade

204 speakers are used in all of the floats

72,000 watts of audio is produced for the parade

112 batteries are used for the audio

342,270 mini lights are used in the parade

11 different colors of mini lights are used including clear

54,892 is most lights used on 1 float and that is unit 6-E the Carousel

2,722 is the float with the least amount of lights and that is unit 4-G Sebastian

11 colors is used on unit 6-E, the carousel that is the most colors used on any float

118 cast members are in the parade, that includes float drivers and parade coordinators

65 pounds is the weight of 1 battery used n the parade

100 miles (approximately) of fiber-optic cables and threads become conduits for shimmering lights that create everything from the strands of "hair" on King Triton's giant, four-foot hibiscus blooms and three-foot daisy petals in Disney’s SpectroMagic Parade.

600,000 miniature lights chase in wild patterns, moving in perfect concert with sound effects and music. Goofy's xylophone keys dance with light at his touch. Mickey's cape transforms in a 24-step cascade of color sweeping from shoulder height to the base of the float and upward to 17 feet above his head. It's a "first" for a float, accomplished through a custom computer for the SpectroMagic Parade.

20 minutes long is the SpectroMagic Parade

17 feet tall is the height of Mickey’s Bright cape.

18 towers are on Cinderella’s castle

30 computers are needed to keep SpectroMagic running

75 tons of batteries are needed used to power the parade


10/09/2003 is when Wishes® first debuted at the Magic Kingdom.

12 minutes is the length of the fireworks show

7/4/1985 is when Tinkerbell took her first fireworks flight

105 pounds is the weight limit for TinkerBell, yes it’s a real person

5 foot 3 inches is the height limit for Tinkerbell

11 locations around the Magic Kingdom are where the fireworks for Wishes are launched from

557 firework-firing cues are used

683 individual pieces of pyrotechnics are used in Wishes

3 times more fireworks are used in Wishes then Fantasy in the Sky

15 songs from 10 classic Disney animated features are use din Wishes, they include;"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937), "Pinocchio" (1940), "Fantasia" (1940), "Cinderella" (1950), "Peter Pan" (1953), "Sleeping Beauty" (1959), "The Little Mermaid" (1989), "Beauty and the Beast" (1991), "Aladdin" (1992), "Hercules" (1997)

Main Street Electrical Parade

1977 is when the Main Street Electrical Parade debuted

2001 is when Main Street Electrical Parade was retired

26 units portraying nine themes are in the Main Street Electrical parade.

575,000 lights in six colors - Amber, Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Pink, and Red - plus clear. Most used color: Amber (152,000) are used in the Main Street Electrical parade.

27 tons of batteries power lights, audio and float movement. Together, they could provide enough power to light 32 homes, now that is the Main Street Electrical parade.

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

2001 is when Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade debuted

2006 is when Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade was revised

15 minutes is the time the parade lasts

3 PM is the start time of the parade

7 floats are in the parade

3:07 is when the parade arrives in Liberty Square

3:15 is when the parade arrives at Cinderella's castle

3:25 is when the parade arrives on Main Street, USA

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

5 days are needed to install the fall overlay on the Magic Kingdom

216 tons of candy will be given out to trick or treaters during the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party nights

35 different varieties of candy will be handed out, so there is something for everyone

1/2 million pounds of candy & healthy treats during the 10 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party

20 tractor-trailers were used to ship all the candy for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties in 2011

800,000 pounds of candy & healthy treats are given out during the 10 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party in 2011

General Parade & Show Facts

2006 is when Woody’s Cowboy Camp show Debuted

15 minute is the length of Woody’s Camp show

20 minutes is the length of the Dream Along with Mickey Show

Main Street Electrical Parade History

“Summer Nightastic!” 2010 will mark the return of the original Disneyland “Main Street Electrical Parade” to Walt Disney World Resort. Previously the parade had a limited engagement in Florida from 1999 through 2001.

The original “Main Street Electrical Parade” premiered at Disneyland on June 17, 1972.

The parade was presented at Disneyland nearly every summer until it was “retired” in 1996.

A version of the “Main Street Electrical Parade” was created for Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in 1977.

The Magic Kingdom version was presented until 1991 when it was replaced by “SpectroMagic” (“Main Street Electrical Parade” was refurbished for the opening of Disneyland Resort Paris).

The original Disneyland “Main Street Electrical Parade” was brought out of retirement and extensively refurbished for a limited engagement at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom from 1999 into 2001.

Following the conclusion of the parade’s limited engagement at Walt Disney World Resort, it premiered at Disney’s California Adventure in July 2001 as “Disney’s Electrical Parade.”

The parade has been performed more than 5,000 times at Disneyland Resort.

The original “Main Street Electrical Parade” floats were “flatter” and less three-dimensional than the current floats. While new floats have been added through the years, some have been retired: “it’s a small world” float, Briny Deep float, and special anniversary floats for Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary (1980) and Mickey Mouse’s 60th Birthday (1988).

One of the original floats, the Title Drum Unit near the beginning of the parade, was created using an actual bass drum, one of the world’s largest in 1972. This drum had been used in Disneyland parades in the 1960s, when Mickey Mouse used to beat it using large drumsticks.
A third version of the parade has been presented at Tokyo Disney Resort (premiering 1985).

The Electrical Water Pageant

10/24/971 is when the Electrical Water Pageant debuted at WDW

14 floats are used in the Electrical Water Pageant

25 feet tall is the heigh of the Electrical Water Pageant floats

1 generator is on each float in the Electrical Water Pageant

800 watt sound system is used to play all the Electrical Water Pageant music

Extinct Parades, Shows & Entertainment

DisneyMania - see the WDW characters in a magical musical show featuring the “kids of the kingdom” on the castle forecourt stage

Remember the magic - an entirely new kind of street theater parade featuring 6 giant floats, over 100 Disney performers and characters & guest participation

Galaxy Search - an interstellar talent competition in new Tomorrowland.

Sword & the Stone - Merlin the wizard searches for a temporary ruler of the realm in front of Cinderella Golden Carousel

Festival of Fantasy Parade

100 cast members are used in the Parade

12 Disney stories and Disney characters are represented among parade floats

9 parade floats are used

40 additional characters are presented in animated or sculptural form

50 feet long is the The Princess Garden lead float

28 feet above the float is the featured The Jolly Roger

32 feet tall is Mickey’s Airship finale float and is the tallest float

90 feet long is the final 3 floats of there parade

10 different costume houses were used in 8 cities, and 2 countries — including Creative Costuming facilities in both Florida and California.

27 separate custom designed fabrics were designed by Mirena Rada in collaboration with Creative Costuming Graphic Artist Paul Jordan.

28 separate fabrics are used to make up one Swing Thug #1 Costume (Tangled unit). His vest requires vinyl to be cut into 75 separate diamond shapes and then
stitched onto cool max fabric.

30 yards of fabric are used to make one Seashell Girl costume which includes 12 different colors of Nitex Mesh.

3 separate colors are used in the coral pieces for the Coral Twins (The Little Mermaid unit) by the artisans of the Creative Costuming Craft Team and baked and
finished for 16 hours each in an oven.

95 gold lame dots are used on Minnie Mouse’s Dress and Hat (finale unit)

3 separate clown wigs are used on The Bubble Girl (finale unit) headpiece and are blended together by the Creative Costuming Millinery Team.

148 yards of horsehair are used to make the Cha Cha Girl (finale unit) – Her wig was designed with in 4 colors, that is then rolled, pressed and curled by hand.

53 feet from snout to tail is the size of the The Steampunk-inspired Maleficent Dragon stretches and reaches 26 feet in the air.