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126 acres make up the Tokyo Disneyland

122 acres make up Tokyo DisneySea park area

5th year anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea was celebrated on July 14, 2006.

41 million gallons of water are covering more than 22 of the 122 acres of the DisneySea area that’s accessible to Guests. The waterway, which weaves throughout the park, is the largest body of water in any Disney theme park.

750,000 square feet of rock were made for Mount Prometheus

189 feet high is Mount Prometheus

10 rocket launchers are in the mouth opening of Mount Prometheus

3,000 pounds is the weight of each rocket launcher at Mount Prometheus

50 feet in the air are flames that shoot from Mount Prometheus

10:28 is the time on the clock in the Power room of Monster, Inc, this a tribute to the film’s premiere on 10/28/2001

2,640,000 is the number of costumes laundered each year

2,640,000 hamburgers are sold each year

1,430,000 is the number of pizzas sold each year

5,700,000 is the number of cannon bullets fired on Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

615,000 KM is the distance the rockets travel on Space Mountain, which is 1.6 times the distance to the moon

278,000 is the number of songs sung by the bears in the Country Bear Jamboree attractions