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June 16, 2016 is opening day for Shanghai Disney Resort

4.2 million cubic meters of water were extracted and 18 million meters of wick drains laid in a 1.68-square-kilometer area in Shanghai's eastern suburbs, in what project authorities said was the largest site formation project in the world.

100,000 tests were conducted to ensure the quality of the site formation, which started on April 8 last year.

30 constructions projects will begin this year, including hotels, the theme park and transportation and entertainment facilities.

3.9 sq km will be the estimated completed size of the resort which will include, a theme park, two themed hotels, various dining and entertainment venues, recreational facilities, a lake and transportation hubs.

24.5 billion yuan ($3.7 billion) is the estimated construction costs of Shanghai Disney & Hotels

500 designers and architects had worked intensively on every detail of the theme park to ensure that visitors will have "the best experience".

3 joint ventures have been set up between Walt Disney and Shanghai Shendi Group Co, a wholly State-owned company specifically created last year for the development and management of the Shanghai Disney Resort.

57% of controlling stake is held by Shendi in the 2 joint venture companies, and a 30-percent minority stake in the joint venture management company.

3.9 square kilometers Shanghai Disney resort will be the world's 6 Disney amusement park and the first one on the Chinese mainland.

4.5 billion yuan will be spent to build the hotels and accompanying retail, dining and entertainment facilities.

2,400,000 shrubs and ground cover plants were used across the resort

1 million visitors wen to the resort during the 6 week soft opening

100,000 workers were hired during the construction of Shanghai Disney Resort

72,000 metric tons of structural steel was in the construction of Shanghai Disney Resort

3 different “mountain” attractions were used to create Roaring Mountain

1,200 are located in the Walt Disney Grand Theater which is used for the current Lion King show

24,000 square meters of rock work is used in Adventure Isle

10,000 cast members were hired for opening day

7,000 different pieces of merchandise was available on opening day

1,220 rooms are available between the 2 hotels on property

400 rooms are Shanghai Disney Hotel

820 rooms are in the Toy Story Hotel

21 Dinning location can be found at DisneyTown

3,000 square meters is the size of the World Of Disney Store

8 Foot high projection globe can found inside the World Of Disney store

966 meters of track is used in the Tron Lightcycle power run attraction

160 kilometers of utility piping was used throughout the property

150 different food dishes are served at Shanghai Disney Resort

70% of Shanghai Disney Resort cuisine is Chinese

20% of Shanghai Disney Resort cuisine is Asian

10% Shanghai Disney Resort cuisine is Western

7 square kilometers of property are available for expansion

3.9 square kilometers of property is currently being used for at Shanghai Disney Resort