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140 acres make up Disneyland Paris park area.

50 acres make was allocated to Walt Disney Studio Paris.

40 guests can seat at the Café des Cascadeurs at Disneyland Paris.

5,000 trees and 59,000 bushes are in Disneyland Paris.

2,500 square meters of flowerbeds are in Disneyland Paris.

40,000 water planets are in Disneyland Paris

7,000 trees, 47,000 bushes and 2,300 square meters of flowerbeds surround the Disney Resort Paris Hotels.

2 kilometers of hedges in Alice's Curious Labyrinth an attraction unique to Disneyland Resort Paris. The hedges were grown 3 years before the opening of the Resort.

2 new Pixar-themed attractions debuted in 2007: Cars Race Rally and Crush’s Coaster.

2 new attractions are coming soon too; Disneyland Resort Paris will open the Tower of Terror attraction, as well
as the highly interactive Stitch Live, in 2008.

4 million shrubs are maintained in the Le Notre Garden

985 shrubs were used to create Pantere DeBroderie or embrodied Pattern