Disneyland Entertainment

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade

05/27/2011 is the opening day for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade’

9 themed floats carry the characters down Main Street, U.S.A.

11 Mary Poppins chimney sweeps perform a dance to the song “Step In Time,” using their brooms as percussive.

Disney's Electric Parade

2009 is when this show debuted

1 show is done per day

15 minutes is the length of the show

80 performers appear in each presentation of “Disney’s Electrical Parade.”

11,000 lights are used on the dancers’ costumes alone. Thanks to the energy-efficient LED lights, some of the dancers’ costumes now carry only one battery pack instead of 2.

500 batteries supply power for lighting, propulsion, audio and special effects.

5 miles of wire is used throughout the floats.

18.5 feet tall is The tallest float in the parade which is the Cinderella clock tower

7 cars that span 118 feet makes the “Fireworks Finale” float, the longest in the parade.

500,000 lights are used in Disney’s Electric Parade

10,000 of the 500,000 lights are new “Pixe Dust” lights

17 floats will be using some of the new “Pixe Dust” lights

25,000 lights are used on the Tinker Bell float and 75 percent are powered by an LED source

160 dimmers are used on the Tinker Bell float, which gives show control the ability to turn individual lights on and off as well as bright and dim.

5,000 performances of Disney’s Electric Parade have been performed at Disneyland Resort.


5/15/1992 is when Fantasmic Debuted

2 shows are done each day

25 minutes is the show length

6 pyrotechnics barges that can hold up to 3 shows worth of pyrotechnics each are used in Fantasmic

2 pyrotechnics barges go on each side of the stage, and 2 pyrotechnics barges are at center stage

3 ignition sources along the banks of the river ignite the gas for the finale of Fantasmic

3 mainland lighting towers along the shore of the Rivers of America help light the show

2 island lighting tower are also used to light the show

30,000 per evening is the Cost of operating Fantasmic! which includes Guest Control Cast Members

8 feet tall and 37 feet long is the size of Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula’s eels from “The Little Mermaid

3 mist screens are used at Fantasmic each screen are 50 feet wide by 35 feet tall, upon which the films are projected

9,000 guests can view “Fantasmic!” at each performance. The audience is approximately 70 feet from the main stage on Tom Sawyer Island

100 cast and crew members bring “Fantasmic!” to life in the 23-minute show each show

21 fountains and 6 “whale tails” in the scene when Monstro the whale charges across Rivers of America are just some of the effects used in the Fantasmic show

2 light towers appear on either side of the main stage. During the day, these towers rest 26 feet underground. They rise to a height of 40 feet in less than a minute for the show

4 speakers on Tom Sawyer Island and 3 speakers on the mainland create all the audio surrounding the “Fantasmic!” spectators will hear during the show

100 feet long is the length of Kaa the conniving snake from “The Jungle Book” who slithers across the “Fantasmic!” stage

3-dimensional design that replicates the movements of the dragon in “Sleeping Beauty.” The dragon stretches to as high as 45 feet tall and weighs approximately 18,000 pounds

1992, the original estimate for the prospective audience size was 6,500. It became clear on opening night that the audience for each performance would be much larger. Spectators found every space they could cram into, and the average number of guests per performance was 11,000 that first summer

Main Street Electrical Parade

6/17/1972 is when the Main Street Electrical Parade debuted

5,000 performance of the parade were conducted in Disneyland

2001 is when Main Street Electrical Parade was retired

26 units portraying nine themes are in the Main Street Electrical parade.

575,000 lights in six colors - Amber, Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Pink, and Red - plus clear. Most used color: Amber (152,000) are used in the Main Street Electrical parade.

27 tons of batteries power lights, audio and float movement. Together, they could provide enough power to light 32 homes, now that is the Main Street Electrical parade.

30,000 pictures are taken of Cinderella’s castle everyday. Say Cheese!

Christmas Fantasy Parade

105 performers used in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

18 float drivers used in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

12 musicians are costumed as toy soldiers from the Disney movie “Babes in Toyland.” in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

11 wardrobe and costuming specialists are needed for the Christmas Fantasy Parade

7 assistant stage managers is needed for the Christmas Fantasy Parade

4 maintenance cast members is needed for the Christmas Fantasy Parade

3 hair and make up artists is needed for the Christmas Fantasy Parade

1 athletic trainer is needed for the Christmas Fantasy Parade

4 Female Mailroom Elves and 2 Male Mailroom Elves perform with mailbags along and atop the float in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

8 Snowflake performers skate down the parade route on roller skates in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

8 Snow people scurry along the parade route, 4 male, 4 female in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

6 Candy Bakers, 3 Male, 3 Female help Goofy and Max, who are atop the Gingerbread float, wreak some havoc in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

8 Ball Dancers dance beautifully in front and behind the Candlelight Ball float in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

6 Toy Factory Elves dance alongside the float in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

8 Finale Dancers, 4 male, 4 female dance and sing to Christmas carols in the Christmas Fantasy Parade

2 Finale Elves dance on the back of the Finale float in the Christmas Parade

6 major “units,” each consisting of multiple floats. The units are Santa’s Cottage, the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink, the Candy Shop, the Christmas Ball, the Toy Factory and the Finale featuring Santa’s sleigh.

Celebrate! A Street Party

100 people perform in Celebrate! A Street Party each performance

40 wigs are used for each performance

3/27/2009 is when Celebrate! A Street Party first opened.

600 performances have been performed as of 9/6/2010

140 character drums are handed out to guests during each Show Stop

250 lights are used on the parade floats alone

32 “sound zones” line the parade route with speakers and lights that can fade in and out as needed

60 bags of confetti are shot out of cannons each Parade