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Big Here 6 Review by Kate West

Disney has seriously satisfied with this one! Big Hero 6 has the potential to be a big hit for Disney Studios. I had the opportunity to see this film before its release and was pleasantly surprised. As neither a big super hero buff nor having any young children I was not sure if I would like this move or not. Additionally none of the early commercials or trailers I had seen compelled me to see Big Hero 6.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the emotional connections and not the super hero aspects at the forefront of this film. While it is action packed and does its Marvel history proud, Disney and Lasseter have done a fantastic job bringing the audience in with its lovable characters, family connections and personal touches. It really has something that will appeal to everyone.

On the note of appealing to everyone Kelley Carter of really hit it on the head when she described the film as “Disney’s Most Diverse Movie Yet.” It truly is, featuring a cast of multi cultural kids, a multicultural mash up of a fictional city, strong female and male characters and a variety of family situations. It also offers a strong range of emotions from moving sadness to comedic laughs. Big Hero 6 truly offers it all. BuzzFeed had the opportunity to interview Chris Williams and Don Hall Directors of Big Hero 6 who agreed that their intention was to create diversity in every part of the film. You can check out the rest of the BuzzFeed article here: I share very little common ground with any of the main characters of Big Hero 6 but found myself identifying with parts of each and every one of them. I think others will too.

Now, I have focused on the non-hero aspects of this film… that does not mean that the super hero fans will be disappointed. With strong consulting from Marvel on their side Big Hero 6 is action packed with super hero feats, villains and gadgets galore. The film even includes a comical and epically animated chase scene worthy of any live action Marvel film.

Disney has really found a fantastic balance here between the action packed aspects, the emotional story line and the well-written and defined characters. I had major concerns going in to see this film that it would not feel Disney. The mixing of Marvel and Disney was something I saw as potentially disastrous. My fear was that one brand would have to sell out and become something less substantial for any sort of combination film to work. I am happy to report that with the diversity of the characters, the city itself and the emotional range of this film that the “mash-up” of Marvel and Disney is a huge success.

I won’’t give away any plot but I will say that Big Hero 6 is worth a trip to theaters this weekend! Big Hero 6 is a new classic for Disney lovers, younger generations and comic book/super hero lovers alike.