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REVIEW: Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining eBook

REVIEW: Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining eBook


My family and I have been coming to WDW since 1976. There are many attractions to enjoy and try and Disney is always building news one to enjoy. I used to make lists of the attractions I wanted to see each year.

But I am telling you the attractions are only half of the fun, the dining is the other half. As I got older I was then making lists of new restaurants to try and different food to try. I was always looking to have a new food memory experience.

There is a great website you need to check out that makes food an attraction and that website is the
Disney Food Blog. AJ Wolfe recently ePublished a excellent book that you need to buy and use on your next trip or the planning of your next trip to WDW.

The Disney Food Blog’s Guide to Walt Disney World Dining was recently release and is the most comprehensive, and most authoritative voice on WDW food. This book is completely comprehensive on all aspects of WDW food and dining, and dining experiences. This book covers all aspects of food and dining in WDW from soup to nuts ( Someone had to say it). This is all inclusive guide to where to eat, how to use the dining plan and much more.

The guide even includes planning worksheets you can print out to make you're dining less stressful. I highly suggest you get buy this book and use it, your stomach will thank you. I was given a review copy and put it on my iPhone in my book application and have now used it a few times as well as find information for others.

You must buy your copy NOW use the link below to get your copy, dont wait to buy this book, it is a must have for all WDW guests, even if your local to WDW or come from half way around the world each year on vacation.


*Full Disclosure: I was provided a review copy of AJ’s book


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