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Disney Community Meets December 2010

Disney Community Meets December 2010

This weekend was very busy with lots of Disney community meets. I went to 3 on sunday alone. If you have never been to a meet you should. They are a great way to meet the same kind Disney fans and talk about Disney or anything else.

You may feel like this is strange at first but, its really fun and you will enjoy yourself and make some really great new friends. You can go with a friend or go solo, just make sure you go.

The first meet I attended was the
Inner Mouse Meet. This was held at the sunset lounge at the Animal Kingdom Lounge.

Check out some Photos:

he Inner Mouse is Your Disney Lifestyle Destination: The vidcast/podcast for those who strive to lead a Disney Driven Life. This was their first meet and they had a great turnout and it was a blast to see so many people show up and have fun. If you have not been paying attention you will need to see the Inner Mouse on wednesday nights LIVE or see it on itunes recorded. The cast is JL Knopp, Scott Nadeau, John Saccheri and Nicole Siscaretti.

To see more of the Inner Mouse meet pictures check out
Disney By The Numb3rs on Flickr


The next meet on the list was the WDW Radio meet. This meet was held at Ariels Restaurant at the Beach Club.

You can catch the WDW Radio podacast each week on sundays on iTunes. Lou Mongello can be found at his website
WDW Radio.

To see more of the WDW Radio meet pictures check out
Disney By The Numb3rs on Flickr


The last and final meet was meet. Well, it was more like a special event. A VERY special IllumiNations Party with Extra Magic. This was held in front of Italy just before IllumiNations, where dessert was served. The IllumiNations took place where they gave us these special viewing glasses to wear. I wont ruin the surprise but they were very cool. After that we were taken to SpaceShip earth to take a ride on the attraction after it was closed and after that we were greeted to a very special guest. It was Mickey in his space suit, very rare photo opportunity.

Check out the photos (Especially the last one):

To see more of the meet pictures check out
Disney By The Numb3rs on Flickr

I hope to see you at the next meet



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