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REVIEW Of Sounds Like Summer by Tara Smith

REVIEW Of Sounds Like Summer by Tara Smith

By Tara Smith

2U Disney By the Numb3rs blog 019

Have you checked out the “Sounds Like Summer” Concert Series at EPCOT yet this summer? If you haven’t, you should. Not only is the concert free, as long as you have a ticket to get into the park that is, but the tribute bands are actually pretty good. This week, the Journey tribute band, Frontiers, are playing (7/10-7/16), and next week the Janet Jackson tribute, Karin Lawson, will be performing (7/17-7/23). The one band you shouldn’t miss, though, is the last one playing: 2U, the tribute band for U2.

This will mark the third year I’ve seen them perform at EPCOT, and let me tell you, they’re amazing. They’re the closest you’ll get to an actual U2 concert. The impersonators look a lot like the U2 band mates, and sound like them as well. Their sets are interactive, enjoyable, and filled with great music. Even if you don’t listen to U2, you should still come watch the tribute band perform. The show is worth it.

2U tribute band
Picture copyright from 2U’s website,

If you’re interested in learning more about the band, you can visit their website at . They have photos and videos of their past performances, including videos from their performance at EPCOT last year. Here is one sample video of them performing “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

You should check out all the tribute bands if you can, but if there’s one performance you should make time for, it’s 2U. They’re the last tribute band EPCOT will be hosting, and they perform from Sunday 7/24-Saturday 7/30. Come out and enjoy some quality music that’ll never get old.

By Tara Smith


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