Hello and Welcome to Disney By The Numb3rs

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Let me introduce my self my Name is Tony and I am a huge Disney fan, I hope you figured that out by the website.

This all started when my parents took us to Disney World for vacation. My first trip was at age 13; I remember our first trip was the Amtrak train. We took the train down from NJ to Florida. When we arrived in Sanford train station we rented a car and drove over to WDW.

All the other trips after that were by car. We used to load up the family station wagon and drive to Florida. We drove the old family "truckster" which on the first trip was a Chevy safari station wagon. As the family and times changes so did the mode of transportation, we later enjoyed the luxury Cadillac. The car was always packed with Mom, Dad and 2 brothers and 1 sister all-fighting for the best seat which was the rumble seat of the station wagon the back which looked out the back window. As years went on and we got older we the kids started driving which left mom and dad to rest, rather then do all the driving. Since my father worked in the hospitality industry we used to stay at great hotels for a great price, sometime FREE!

Later on, I got married and started to take my family or even my parents. My first daughter was about 4 on her first trip and she has been almost every year as well. My second daughter came along she started coming along too. At this time my uncle had a condo in Tarpon springs we used to stay at his place and drive over to Orlando or even stay at hotel in the Orlando area. I can even remember times staying at the park till midnight and then driving back to Tarpon springs.

Since that first trip at age 13 I have made the trek to Walt Disney World every year, there were 1 or 2 lean years where I was not able to make it. I now take my kids each year and some times it is was kicking and screaming, but they are now enjoying the tradition and enjoying the fun as well.

My father later took a job with Darden restaurant and was transferred to Orlando. He asked if any of us kids wanted to move to Florida, and I jumped up and yelled hell yeah!!! So we moved to Orlando. We had an apartment in Orlando right near Universal Studios. My then started my application process at WDW; this was going to be great! I finally passed on the interviews and was now an official cast member as a security host!!!

The job was great; it started with Disney training and then security training. Back then pre 9/11 the job was easier, you typically had 3 types of duties, driving a security vehicle, standing a post or walking. If you drove a vehicle it could be doing escorts, road, traffic or even a park parking lot. Standing a post was typically at a park gate, resort gate or some other type of access road. If you walked it could be any where in a park, hotel, construction area, and marketplace and there was always lots of walking to be done. Sometimes I even had special duties like working Epcot Christmas Processional. I would escort the celebrity guests from backstage to onstage. I typically worked at Epcot my area of responsibility was from the America Adventure to International Gateway. I typically worked the 3 to 11 shift, which to me was great, as an employee I could go to the park all day then at 3 go to work. I used to wake up get to the park early ride all the rides I could then shower and report to work, that is a GREAT JOB!!!

Well, all-good things must come to end so we moved back to NJ. In the summer of 2010 I moved back to Florida I am now living in Orlando less then 15 minutes from WDW and living the dream and have fun along the way.

Best Regards